7 Crafty Ways to Reuse Your Old Perfume for Girls Who Don't Want to Throw It Away ...


7 Crafty Ways to Reuse Your Old Perfume for Girls Who Don't Want to Throw It Away ...
7 Crafty Ways to Reuse Your Old Perfume for Girls Who Don't Want to Throw It Away ...

Many of us have so many perfumes that we tend to get tired of them pretty easily – or they were a gift and we never really liked them that much from the start. What do you do with all those fragrances? It would be such a shame to just toss them in the bin if you don't wear them anymore! Check out these awesome uses for your old perfume!

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Freshen up You Mattress

When you strip the bed, before putting on fresh bedding, apply a few spritzes of fragrance on the mattress. Once the new sheets are on, the scent will be noticeable, but mild and subtle – just what you need for a good night's sleep! You can do this with the pillows too, just make sure you don't spray too much.


Scent Your Curtains

If you have curtains in your home, spray them with some mild perfume – I'd recommend something fresh or flowery. When you open the windows and the wind ruffles through the curtains' fabric, your rooms will fill with fragrance. Don't try this with strong or sweet perfumes, as you'll be constantly rushing to the window for a breath of fresh air.


Freshen up Your Purse

Spray a tissue and fold it in half; spray it again and fold it again, and repeat this process until you get a square that is about 1 inch across. Put your scented little square in your purse (or use two of them, for a stronger effect), and you'll enjoy the fresh odor every time you need to get your wallet out or look for your keys. I found the scent usually lasts for 2 to 4 weeks.


Perfume Your Lampshades

Unless you have white lampshades, which can easily be stained, you can add a few spritzes of your old perfume on them. When the lampshade heats up, it will spread the fragrance all over the room. The odor doesn’t usually last for more than an evening, so if you don't like the scent, you can try again the next day with a new fragrance.


Revive Your Potpourri

I don't know much about Feng Shui, but I love potpourri as a decorative item. The only problem with it is that its scent doesn't last for a long time. When the fragrance fades away, why not spray some of your old perfume on your potpourri? The wooden leaves absorb liquids and oils very well, making it easy for you to revive the smell with just a few drops.


Revive an Old Romantic Tradition

You know how, back in the old days, lovers used to send each other scented letters? This was such a romantic gesture that has become extinct these days, now that we have text messages and email. Why not revive this tradition and start sending perfumed letters to your SO? Or maybe leave some cute little scented notes for him to accidentally stumble on and make his day better in an instant!


Donate It

Why not donate your old perfume to a women's shelter, along with some food, clothes and other useful items? You may think perfume is the last thing on your mind when you're struggling for safety, food and shelter. However, it could be an amazing surprise for someone who's experienced only worries and hardship - a chance to forget about the daily struggles and feel special at least for a moment. While we try to come up with new uses for something we got bored of, others might cherish it as a luxury item.

Which one of these ways to reuse your old fragrances will you try out? Do you know of other uses for unwanted perfume?

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Spray it on a baby wipe and put in the dryer with a load of clothes or your wardrobe/drawers

I'm pretty sure it's dangerous to put perfume on your lampshades... Perfume is flammable

Great ideas ! Thanks.

I'm going to try the purse trick

I love the idea of donating them :)

I love that love letter idea, gone are the days of getting such!!😟

So long story short use it as a air freshner kinda thing lolz

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