7️⃣ Crafty Ways ✂️ to Reuse Your Old Perfume ♻️ for Girls Who Don't Want to Throw It Away 🗑 ...


Many of us have so many perfumes that we tend to get tired of them pretty easily – or they were a gift and we never really liked them that much from the start. What do you do with all those fragrances? It would be such a shame to just toss them in the bin if you don't wear them anymore! Check out these awesome uses for your old perfume!

1. Freshen up You Mattress

When you strip the bed, before putting on fresh bedding, apply a few spritzes of fragrance on the mattress. Once the new sheets are on, the scent will be noticeable, but mild and subtle – just what you need for a good night's sleep! You can do this with the pillows too, just make sure you don't spray too much.

Scent Your Curtains