7 Colognes for Girls Who Don't like Perfume ...

Do you prefer cologne for girls to perfume? I sure do. For the most part, most perfume fragrances give me awful headaches and they simply don't mesh with my body chemistry. So, for years, I've just been picking out my favorite colognes. Yes, they're technically male scents, but to my way of thinking, if a girl wears a particular cologne, then guess what? It becomes a cologne for girls! Mind, you might prefer perfume and my preferences might not be the same as yours, but take a look below, because you might just agree with my top cologne picks for the ladies.

1. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

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If you're looking for a fantastic cologne for girls, Versace has several wonderful options. Eau Fraiche is my favorite, however, thanks to its subtle sex appeal. It's almost like a perfume, but not quite. While you'll catch the fragrances of rosewood, musk, and amber, they're balanced by the masculine scents of lemon, cedar, and sycamore. It's incredibly evocative and very smooth.

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