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If you’re beginning to find ordinary scent a little boring, you’re in luck. Recent years have seen a real diversification in the perfume market so that along with ‘traditional’ scents like fruits, musks, flowers and woods, you can now also buy a wide variety of wildly unconventional colognes which range from quirky and interesting to downright revolting. Apparently it’s possible to bottle pretty much every aroma around, so you can smell of anything from ‘salt air’ to (and I’m not kidding) the ‘dregs’ in a wine glass. To give you a good idea of the kind of unusual fragrances available to you, I’ve put together a list of 7 strange perfume scents.

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This cologne, dubbed ‘Flame,’ is manufactured by Burger King and is especially directed at the enthusiastically carnivorous man. It is the ‘scent of seduction,’ BK tells us, shot through with subtle notes of freshly ‘broiled meat.’


Strong Cheese

Unless you are a dedicated fan of blue cheese, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from this one. Stilton is particularly pungent, and the 'Stilton' perfume – produced by the same people who make the real thing – aims to capture the powerful dairy aroma in a way that makes it wearable everyday.



Bored by the worn-out fragrance combinations which structure mass produced perfume, a US company has recently begun to use DNA technology in order to bottle unique, individualised scents for their clients. Customers receive their very own perfume formulated according to their genetic code – so they still smell like themselves, only better.



This fragrance is available from a few, alternative perfumers. Apparently, it’s an enduring scent, and an accurate one. It’s a little bit floral, and a little bit spicy, and manufacturers are mostly keen to emphasise – to those who might be confused – that while it smells very like the plant, it is in no way medicinal or mind altering.


Bodily Fluids

The description of this one is particularly gut-churning. Available only from the most exclusive US Department stores, and designed by the specialist French perfumers at Etat Libre d’Orange, 'Secretions Magnifiques' includes the scents of, among other excretions, seamen, blood, sweat and saliva. Apparently, it’s nowhere near as vile as it sounds, however, and simply smells like an unusual floral.


A Funeral Home

This now famous scent, created by the free fragrance spirits at Demeter perfumers, is basically a blend of white floral notes. It smells of lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations, the manufacturers tell us, along with – and this is a little strange – oriental carpets.


The Mechanic’s Workshop

Comme des Garcons, famous for creating scents around the smells of leaves and tar, have developed ‘Garage,’ a greasy, manly cologne especially for those keen to bring their love of all things automotive with them wherever they go. Apparently, it’s not as abrasive as it sounds, although constitutive scents include kerosene, acetate and aldehyde.

Perfume, the experts tell us, has become boring. In order to keep things fresh and exciting, it’s necessary to branch out into new territory and explore new fragrance concepts. This list of 7 strange perfume scents should give you an idea of just how avante garde the market is getting; do you have any comments to contribute?

Top image source: demeterfragrance.com

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Where can I get the perfume to based on my DNA? Sounds interesting.

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