8 Tips on How to Wear Perfume ...


8 Tips on How to Wear Perfume ...
8 Tips on How to Wear Perfume ...

How to Wear Perfume depends very much on each individual person. There's really no "right" or "wrong" way to do it, but there are a few great tips on how to wear perfume you may not know about! This list has some great pointers and fun facts about perfumes and scents that every woman who plays with scents can benefit from! I'll give you some great advice on how to wear perfume if you keep reading my article. If you love perfume half as much as I do, chances are you're always on the lookout for ways to make your scents last longer and get the full benefits of wearing perfume. Even if you're a pro at wearing perfume, I bet you'll learn something new and fascinating from my article on how to wear perfume!

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How Much to Wear

Learning how to wear perfume properly does involve knowing how much you should use. There are three different types of perfume-wearers. The ones who don't wear enough, the ones who wear too much, and the ones who wear just enough. You don't want to waste your scent by only wearing a drop each time and yet you don't want to knock out your friends and co-workers by overpowering perfume. The key is generally 2-3 sprays, depending on how concentrated your perfume is.


Where to Spray It

There are three main points to spray perfume if you want the longest lasting fragrance possible. Your wrists, behind your ears and behind your knees. I love to apply a drop of perfume in each of these areas because they are pulse points! Another good place to spray your perfume is on your hair. Each time you move, a whiff of scent will scatter through the air!


Mix It up

If you want to know how to wear perfume the fabulous way, do remember to mix up your scents! After you wear one certain perfume for so long, your body becomes accustomed to the scent and it blends with your body chemistry so well, no one will be able to smell it on you! Remedy this by mixing your scents up every few days. I have four different favorites I go back and fourth between. Find what you love, and go from there!


Where to Store Your Perfume

When it comes to knowing how to wear perfume, there's a few more interesting facts then just where to spray it or how much to apply. Knowing how to properly wear perfume also includes knowledge of how to give your perfume a longer shelf life! Old perfume or perfume that hasn't been stored properly won't give off a fresh scent and won't last you as long. If possible, keep your perfumes stored in the fridge! If that's not an option, keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Bathrooms are so moist that perfumes don't last long in there!


Think outside the Box

Why limit yourself to a flowery, floral, girly fragrance? While there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, sometime we need to think outside the box! For a fresh, clean scent try a man's cologne! Don't knock it till you try it. Some men's colognes are light enough that a single squirt can give you a light, clean smell that is very appealing!

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Perfume Warnings

Knowing how to wear perfume also means knowing to be cautious with perfume. Did you know certain materials can be stained if you spray perfume directly onto them? This is why you should spray perfume on your skin or hair only! But when you are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, remember that areas with fragrance on them may be a bit sun sensitive so proceed with caution. Another thing to keep your eye on? Some perfumes have ingredients that cause headaches or allergic reactions in you or those around you so keep that in mind.


Perfume for Beginners

If you are just starting to experiment or get curious about wearing perfume, here's a few ways to ease into wearing a scent without overwhelming yourself. Start out with a body spray or body splash which is less concentrated. Even a scented lotion or soap will give you hint of lovely fragrance! If you are into natural products, dab a few drops of essential oils on your wrists for a whiff of vanilla, orange or lemon where ever you go!


Make It Last Longer

There are certain ways to make your scents last longer and if you want to become an expert at knowing how to wear perfume and making the scent last longer, here's what to do: Layer your scent! Buy a set with scented body wash, lotion, and perfume or body splash. Layering your scent this way makes it last all day! Another option for longer lasting perfume is to try solid perfumes. They come in a tin and are similar to a lotion or lip balm that you rub onto your skin.

I hope my article has given you some fabulous tips on how to wear perfume! These little-known tricks will have you smelling delicious all day long, and before you know it, you'll be the one giving tips on how to wear perfume to all your friends! Do you have any great ideas on how to wear perfume to share today?

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