7 Tips to Make Your Perfume Stay Fresh ...


7 Tips to Make Your Perfume Stay Fresh ...
7 Tips to Make Your Perfume Stay Fresh ...

Perfumes are great, but do you know what I hate? I hate when you spend a ton of money on a new scent, feel all excited to put it on the next day, and then find that, midway through your day, there's not even a hint of the fragrance left on your skin. Don't you hate that? The good news is that there are ways to get around that whole dilemma – all you need to do is read up on some tips to make your perfume stay fresh!

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Try It First

The first and arguably best tip to make your perfume stay fresh is to try it first. A lot of women make their perfume choice because they like the way it smells on that nice little strip of cardboard. Bad idea, ladies! You need to actually try it first. Not only will that give you a good idea about how long the fragrance lasts, it will also let you see how it reacts with your body's chemistry.


Have Sense about Scents

You also need to have some scent sense. What that means is that it's vital to realize that some scents are stronger than others, while others are weaker. Concentration makes all the difference, and if you know a particular scent's concentration, then you will have a good idea about how long it will last. For instance, cologne is notoriously weak, perfume is incredibly strong, and eau de parfum falls in between.


Know Where to Wear What

Knowing where to wear a particular scent is another important tip to make your perfume stay fresh. If you're going to be at a place or event, for example, where you'll be perspiring a lot, that will make a difference with your perfume. This is also why it helps to know about strengths and concentrations.


Store It Properly

Knowing how to properly store your fragrances is another important tip to make your perfume stay fresh. It's actually a good idea to keep your perfumes in the kitchen rather than the bathroom. That room is notoriously wet, warm, and humid, which can create chemical reactions in your perfumes. Not only will they start to smell a little weird, they can lose strength as well. The best place to store perfumes is actually in the fridge! The cold will increase the perfume's potency, so it will last a lot longer.


Have Clean Skin

When your skin is clean, your perfume will last longer. It's best to apply your perfume as soon as you get out of the shower. At that point, your skin is clean and healthy, and your perfume will like that. Actually, this is a good time to apply perfume for another reason too...


Try a Little Moisture

Taking advantage of moisture is a great tip to make your perfume stay fresh. When your skin is moist, your perfume will last longer. What you can do is apply an unscented lotion beforehand – or, if you like, you can also choose a lotion that is in the same fragrance line as your perfume. Regardless, the lotion will help keep the perfume potent.


Apply It Right

Knowing where on your body to apply your perfume is another important tip. Most women know the standard places – wrists, neck, cleavage. Those are great spots, but you can get inventive too. For instance, a spritz behind your knees will make your scent puff out every time you take a step. You can also spritz the air and then walk through the scent, to get the fragrance everywhere!

It's possible that these tips to make your perfume stay fresh could save you some money, not to mention a lot of wasted time. You can stay fresh and sweet smelling all day, instead of losing your scent by noon or something. Have you tried any perfumes that seem particularly long lasting?

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