7 Alternatives to Retail Perfumes ...


7 Alternatives to Retail Perfumes ...
7 Alternatives to Retail Perfumes ...

Everyone likes to smell nice, but not everyone wants to wear perfume. You might be allergic to it, the scents might give you a headache, or maybe you don't want something quite that strong. Whatever the case, you still don't have to go without a lovely signature scent if you don't want to. While there are some fantastic perfumes and colognes out there, you can find plenty of alternatives to retail perfumes as well, most of which are natural and all of which smell just as wonderful.

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Scented Lotion

Scented lotion is a great alternative to retail perfumes. You can get lotion that smells like just about anything – even your favorite perfume, for that matter. If you want a light, barely there scent, you can find that as well. The best part is, you'll be moisturized as well, so your skin will be soft and supple – and sweet smelling!


Body Spray

Body spray is a great alternative – but it can be overpowering, so you have to be careful. Like, in high school, I used to sit behind a pseudo friend in AP History, and she went way overboard on the fuchsia body spray, to the point where I can't even smell it anymore without getting a headache. Be careful about what kind of spray or spritz you choose, and remember that just a few pumps will do the trick.



Powder is another great alternative to retail perfumes. A sprinkling of powder will keep you cooler in the heat, it's not as overpowering as sprays or lotions, and it, too, comes in a variety of scents. You can go natural or look for something that's like a perfume.


Body Wash

If you don't want a heavy scent but you do want a fragrance to linger on your skin, then scented body wash might be the answer. It can linger long after you're out of the shower, but it's in no way overpowering. You can also look for complementary lotions and/or body sprays in the scent you prefer. Hey, Victoria's Secret specializes in that kind of thing.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are probably the most popular alternative to retail perfumes. They come in every scent you can imagine, and they're perfectly natural. You can even kind a variety of scents that you can't find in either perfumes or body sprays. You don't need to use a lot to smell good, and you won't suffer from any adverse reactions.


Homemade Fragrances

You can also try to make your own fragrance. This is surprisingly easy, and there are lots of tutorials you can find on the internet. This is a great option, because it will allow you to put together the scents you like, which can be hard to find among retail perfumes.


Au Naturale

Finally, you don't have to wear a fragrance at all, not if you don't want to. For that matter, you could wear flowers in your hair, or something like that. Not everyone has to wear perfume or cologne, and many people choose not to for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the natural smell of your skin is the prettiest fragrance of all!

Before starting this, I had no idea there were so many alternatives to retail perfumes. It's nice to know that you can choose a scent that suits you without having to buy a perfume. After all, a lot of scents get awfully expensive, while most of these alternatives are quite affordable. Which do you prefer, perfumes, body sprays, or something more natural?

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