10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men This Christmas ...


10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men This Christmas ...
10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men This Christmas ...

Treat a special man in your life with a gorgeous perfume this Christmas. Ranging from a grandfather to a boyfriend, any man would love to have a charmingly memorable scent as a festive present. Charming and memorable scents for men can be found within nostalgia; the most popular perfumes for men are classics, scents that their fathers used to wear, stirring up memories of childhood. Scent is a powerful trigger for memory, either because the scent is associated with other sensations or because it is so unique and easily identifiable. So I’ve compiled a list of the 10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men this Christmas to guide your gift-buying this year, and bring fond memories back

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Aramis for Men – Aramis

A suave and classic woody scent for men, Aramis is a crisp perfume with a hint of Artemisia and bergamot. It has an intense yet calming woody scent from sandalwood, which adds to its strong and masculine body.


Vetiver – Guerlain

This is a classic, masculine and memorable perfume that is ideal for any occasion. With a flexible scent, it can be used night or day, with its crisp yet subtle fragrance. The ‘vintage’ version is a lot stronger and tends to be more popular than the younger, thinner version of this scent for men.


Bel Ami – Hermès

The receiver of this smooth perfume will feel suave, sophisticated and refined. Bel Ami has distinct leathery and lemony tones. It also includes floral middle tones of ylang-ylang and iris flower, with base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver. A smooth and mellow fragrance.


Sycomore – Chanel

Irresistibly smoky and delicate, this citrus based perfume has an earthy and dry tonality that gives its wearer a cooling and clean fragrance. Created by Chanel, a memorable classic designer on anyone’s terms. This noble perfume is rich in elegant sandalwood with hints of cypress, juniper and pink pepper. A scent for men that creates a subtle aura.


Dior Homme – Christian Dior

Another absolute charming and memorable classic that bespeaks sophistication and uniqueness. Its major tones are iris, combined with cocoa and amber. However, it also has extra middle floral tones thanks to its use of lavender. Its overall effect is a sweet and woody scent that challenges perceptions of ‘the feminine’ and ‘the masculine’, leaving an alluring yet manly fragrance both sexes can enjoy.


Habit Rouge – Guerlain

Named after the riding jacket men would wear whilst hunting in the 18th century, this perfume is born out of class and nobility. A charming and memorable perfume, with hints of citrus, spice, cinnamon and leather to give it a real country feel. A delicious smelling perfume, with a calming finish with vanilla.


British Sterling – Dana

A popular fragrance since its launch date in 1965, a true charming and classic scent for men that has lasted through the years. A true British perfume with woody layers, with floral and citrus top notes, cedar and cinnamon middle tones, and ending with sandalwood and oaky base notes. A warm and masculine musk that can bring back memories for many men.


Derby – Guerlain

A well loved classic. This fragrance is often considered the benchmark for leather chypre perfumes. Its harmonious mixture of leathery notes, with a hint of mint and spicy cloves creates a perfect balance of scents. No one scent dominates the other. The perfume then unfolds an after effect of floral fragrances, with carnations and jasmine gently sweeping its patchouli base.


Pontevecchino Colonia Maxima – Nobile 1942

A fragrance for a masculine and dynamic man. A very old classic which has hints of frankincense that delivers a cool and enigmatic spicy fragrance. It has top notes of mandarin, bergamot and incense, with floral middle tones and woody base notes containing musk, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver. A charming and memorable scent for the well-refined.


Nostalgia – Santa Maria Novella

If this perfume doesn’t speak memories, then it needs a name change. However, Nostalgia is one of the most charming and memorable scents for men because it inherits elements of its 1612 foundations. It has a rubbery and leathery scent, a very old-fashioned and rather unusual fragrance but one that is filled with nostalgia and charm. A slightly sweet yet rich fragrance that is reminiscent of that smoky scent of a car engine, suitable for car-lovers who love the classics.

The range of masculine, charming and nostalgic perfumes is vast. These scents for men inherit deep leathery musk, and crisp and cooling citric fragrances with light and soothing floral tones. Any man would love to have one of these fragrances this Christmas as a scent is a very personal and long-lasting gift which can heighten its wearer’s mood the instant the bottle has been sprayed. Out of these 10 Most Charmingly Scents for Men This Christmas, or even one not mentioned on this list, what do you like your man to wear?

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