10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever ...


10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever ...
10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever ...

Everyone has their favorite perfume but here are some which are timeless classics and will always be around to tantalize sensations. An enchanting scent adds a finishing touch to an outfit in the way no glittering accessory can. Top brands often select and create the best scents on the market. They’re classy, unmistakable and will sweep you, or the object of your affection, off your feet. If you need a guide on which scents are the best, you can’t go wrong with these 10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever.

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Chanel – No. 5

The first perfume by Coco Chanel, the first most famous perfume in the world, and naturally, the first one on this list. Little needs to be said on why this is considered the best scent ever, but let’s begin with its aldehydic foundations. No. 5 was the first aldehydic perfume which whispers floral tones from the very first spray. The beautifully balanced use of orange blossom, ylang-ylang and jasmine makes this perfume simply enchanting.


Joy – Jean Patou

Joy is Jean Patou’s most famous fragrance. Its success is momentous. Born out of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, this perfume won against all odds and became an instant success. Mainly formulated out of jasmine and rose, this floral perfume was able to bring a touch of life to the gloom of The Depression.


Youth Dew - Estee Lauder

A perfume with a sexy scent. This oriental and spicy fragrance for women combines flowers with spices to create a mysterious and exotic scent. With fruity peaches and oranges, mixed with floral ylang-ylang and rose, combined with cinnamon and vanilla, this perfume is one of the best scents with a delectable body.


Rive Gauche - YSL

Elegant and breathtaking, this crisp and smooth perfume bespeaks ‘fabulously enchanting’. The composition of this perfume creates a unique and abstract scent, with roses and geranium that soften its harsh metallic aldehydic body, and flirts with earthy scents of oak moss. It has a sharp fragrance which pins it to being an exhilarating scent for women.


Volupte – Oscar De La Renta

A bright and oriental fragrance ideal for daytime wear. This makes it on the list of being one of the most enchanting and best scents due to its blend of floral, fruity and woody scents. It lasts for hours whilst retaining a sharp and subtle scent that offers melon, mandarin, mimosa, jasmine and lily of the valley.


Aromatics Elixir - Clinique

A beautifully mild fragrance with mid-tone scents of oak moss and flowers. This calming fragrance is both soothing and seductive with its combination of woody and floral spirit. Aromatics Elixir is a versatile scent that timelessly pleases the senses.


Mitsouko – Guerlain

Disarming, yet eternally pleasing to those who can handle its voluptuous and unusual scent. It is a member of the chypre family, which is not as popular as others such as aldehyde, and so takes some time to appreciate. However, once its fragrance settles its wearer can experience its passionate and sensual composition. It has a distinctive peach scent, but has elements of oakmoss. Combining this with fruity chypre disallows easy identification, making it an exciting and elusive fragrance that teases anybody who walks into its seductive mist.


Eau De Rochas – Rochas

Eau de Rochas makes one of the best scents ever due to its enchanting and citric fragrance. It hails femininity with its Mediterranean blend of mandarin, grapefruit and verbena. Being light and fruity, this scent is ideal for the outdoors where it can reign almighty in crisp sunshine and airiness.


L’air Du Temps – Ricci

A joyful fragrance from the house of Ricci. L’air du temps stays true to its name, by being a light and airy refreshing scent. It is both spicy and floral, reveling in its tasteful contrasts. The perfume is a whirlwind of spicy carnation and gardenia that picks up elements of rose and jasmine, and finally settles on sandalwood and iris for a sensual finish. Purely enchanting and elegant.


Obsession – Calvin Klein

Lithe and empowering, this fragrance makes it easy for anyone to fall down their knees out of seduction and obsession. It is available for both women and men, to adorn any wearer with the power of passion. The unceasing and unforgiving scent of citrus, vanilla, sandalwood and spice makes this one of the best and most fabulously enchanting scents ever. Its alluring fragrance makes you want more of everything decadent in life and yet its homely vanilla and fruity smells adds a comforting hint of nostalgia.

When it comes to seduction, sensuality and sexuality, a timeless fragrance is part of your arsenal. When it comes to delight, nostalgia and comfort, then a classic fragrance is the most fruitful of choices. These 10 Best and Fabulously Enchanting Scents Ever reliably deliver all that you want from a fragrance with their professional blends of flowers, spices and fruits. What is your favorite perfume? Please comment below!

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