7 Simply Enchanting Classic French Perfumes ...


7 Simply Enchanting Classic French Perfumes ...
7 Simply Enchanting Classic French Perfumes ...

French Perfumes have always been a synonym for class, wealth and, of course, elegance! And, since all that tradition can’t disappear overnight, it’s only fair to admit that not a lot has changed since the old times! Sure, perfumes are being mass produced nowadays and they are not a terribly expensive luxury only the extremely wealthy ones are able to enjoy although French perfumes still are the best of the best! So let’s take a virtual trip to the European Mecca of fashion, style and luxury by remembering these amazing French perfumes!

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Chanel Perfumes

Call me crazy but I think every Chanel perfume smells French! In fact, I wouldn’t know where to start! Light, chic Chance makes me daydream about romantic moments in Paris, Chanel No 19 makes me want to wear my most nonchalantly chic outfit and enjoy the Eiffel tower with a glass of bubbly in my hand and Chanel No 5… now that’s one of those classic French perfumes I don’t even need to describe!


YSL Cinema

It might not be the best-selling perfume nowadays but it certainly is one of my favorites! In fact, I doubt I’ve ever seen this classic collecting dust on a sale rack! My sister finds it (and I’ll quote) “poisonous” but I absolutely love its rich, elegant, classy sent and it’s warm, seductive bottom notes are unlike any other perfume I’ve used!


Guerlain Shalimar

This sultry vintage composition wasn’t supposed to smell French and I’m sure the French will agree to that! But my nose is just refusing to take the hint and perceive this as an exotic oriental mixture! Maybe I should get a new nose? LOL! The original scent is an unusual mixture indeed - don’t let the citrusy top notes fool you because this perfume has a warm heart and a sexy, luxurious base! It might be one of the most unusual French perfumes you’ve ever tried and…yet… it just might be THE one for you!


Lanvin Arpege

Rich, luxurious and intoxicating – this vintage classic definitely smells French to me! The original and in my opinion the best scent has suffered a few changes during the years which, perhaps, wasn’t such a good idea. Who knows…! The scent itself is a classy, fabulous mixture of everything I love and, just so you get a clearer picture of what I’m trying to say, I’ll quote the most complete list I’ve managed to find (I think the source is Fragrantica, by the way) “aldehydes, peach, bergamot, orange blossom, honeysuckle, iris, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, coriander, mimosa, tuberose, geranium, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla and musk”.


Hermes 24 Faubourg

This luxe, mysterious, almost shy scent was named after the address of Hermes’ store in Paris and is the secret weapon of many women all across the world! The warm, silky soft mixture literally has the power to wrap around you just like a Hermes scarf would, making you feel like a lady every second of the day and It’s one of those classic French perfumes you’ll love even if you’re not too crazy about floral, woodsy scents! The top notes are said to be white flowers but there’s definitely something fruity and fresh there as well, the core is an intoxicating (and maybe for some, a bit too classic) mixture of lily, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang and gardenia and the base consists of warm, woodsy notes such as amber, sandalwood and vanilla.


Pierre Bourdon Iris Poudre

If you’re a sucker for luxurious French perfumes, I definitely suggest looking this one up because it’s a treat I can’t even put in words! I’ve never had it myself but my perfume-crazy aunt did and I still remember how fascinated and surprised I was when I first smelled it. This is a powdery, luxurious, warm and elegant scent that just makes you feel like a rich, super glamorous lady so, if you like this type of perfumes, consider adding a hint of “Frenchiness” to your life this winter!


Rochas Femme

Rochas Femme might easily be one of very few vintage French perfumes I like 100% (meaning that I like the original and the remake). It’s a scent you’ll fall in love with and it will be a totally different kind of love…almost human! The mixture of sweet ripe fruits, woods, rose, jasmine, patchouli, musk and many more sexy notes you’ll have to figure out on your own is spiced up with just a pinch of cumin and that’s pretty much everything you’ll get from me, because I think this scent is something you have to discover on your own!

What are you favorite French Perfumes? In fact, I have an even better question – Do you think vintage French Perfumes are too classic/serious to worn every day?

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