7 Awesome Perfumes That Smell like Soap ...

It sounds weird, right, wanting to know exactly what perfumes that smell like soap? Well, when you think about it, soap is all about a clean, fresh, crisp scent and that's what I always look for in a perfume. If you've been dying to find out exactly what perfumes that smell like soap are out there, give some of my top picks a try!

1. Amouage Dia Perfume

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If you want one of my top perfumes that smell like soap, this one is it! It's packed full of crisp and fresh notes that invigorate the senses! Its main notes include everything from sweet peach blossoms, rose oil, orange flower, peony and white musk. It's also got some fig and sage notes to it, which make it a perfume that you can wear in the day or at night!

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