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7 Awesome Perfumes That Smell like Soap ...

By Heather

It sounds weird, right, wanting to know exactly what perfumes that smell like soap? Well, when you think about it, soap is all about a clean, fresh, crisp scent and that's what I always look for in a perfume. If you've been dying to find out exactly what perfumes that smell like soap are out there, give some of my top picks a try!

1 Amouage Dia Perfume

Amouage Dia PerfumeIf you want one of my top perfumes that smell like soap, this one is it! It's packed full of crisp and fresh notes that invigorate the senses! Its main notes include everything from sweet peach blossoms, rose oil, orange flower, peony and white musk. It's also got some fig and sage notes to it, which make it a perfume that you can wear in the day or at night!

2 Happy Heart by Clinique

Happy Heart by CliniqueOh, this scent is absolutely one of my favorites! It's full of warmth, full of emotion and full of flowers! It's got water hyacinth, Mandarin, cucumber and yellow primrose in it. It's a scent that will unfold on your skin and leave you feeling totally fresh and clean – like you just got out of the shower! The cucumber is absolutely one of my favorite parts about this scent!

3 Eau Des 4 Reines by L`Occitane En Provence

Eau Des 4 Reines by L`Occitane En ProvenceIf you are looking for a really floral soapy smell, this is the one for you! It's packed full of Turkish rose, Moroccan rose and Bulgarian rose! If you like flowery soap smells that are clean, fresh and crisp, this is the scent for you! It's absolutely beautiful for the day time and ideal for date night!

4 Calèche by Hermes

Calèche by HermesThis is a scent that is packed with floral and woody notes! It's filled with a softness and a youth that most perfumes don't have in them. If you're looking for a smell that is not too heavy, that still has that 'fresh out of the shower' smell to it, this is it! It's expensive but so worth it!

5 Clean Shower Fresh by D'Lish

Clean Shower Fresh by D'LishIf you want a true 'fresh out of the shower' experience, this perfume is for you! It's packed full of orange musk, jasmine, orange flower, lily of the valley and lemon. It's also got some notes of sheer woods and mandarin. It's the ultimate clean scent and ideal for any girl looking for something soapy to spray on!

6 Nautica My Voyage by Nautica

Nautica My Voyage by NauticaAnother soapy smell that I couldn't live without is all about Nautica! This mixture of amber, dewy peony, key lime and bergamot is ideal for any girl looking for something crisp to spray on for a day in the office or a date night out with her man! Trust me, he'll love this perfume on you!

7 Joy Eau De Parfum by Jean Patou

Joy Eau De Parfum by Jean PatouFinally girls, I leave you with another fantastic soapy perfume – Joy Eau de Parfum by Jean Patou! It's a perfume that smells like peaches, roses, orchid, orris and jasmine. It's a little musky, really crisp and totally soapy! Give it a try! I also love the name -- joy!

So girls, I love perfumes that smell like you just got out of shower and had your favorite body wash on. What other perfumes do you use that smell just like soap? Tell me!

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