7 Best Perfumes for Summer ...

With the temperatures only getting hotter, it’s time to hit the beauty department for the best perfumes for summer. Whether you prefer your fragrances fresh and fruity or hot and spicy, the options are nearly endless. Here are 7 scents that’ll keep you smelling oh-so-irresistible this summer. Start spraying!

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Petite Flower on the Go Duo

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Price: $59.00 at sephora.com

Perfect for gals on the go, Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh are a sweet, purse-friendly duo. Daisy is a striking floral scent with gorgeous violet notes –perfect for a day at the office. Meanwhile, Daisy Eau So Fresh will add a deliciously fruity touch to your weekend brunch ensemble. I’d even stow them in my suitcase for a weekend getaway.

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