7 Awesome Perfumes for Teenagers ...


7 Awesome Perfumes for Teenagers ...
7 Awesome Perfumes for Teenagers ...

There are tons of perfumes for teenagers out there, but I've noticed, a lot of them don't smell all that great – or they are too light and don't last all day. If you really want to know what perfumes for teenagers smell wonderful, will last all day and can work with anyone's body chemistry, take a look at my list! I've got all of the top amazing perfumes for teens that are easy to buy and easy to throw into any school bag!

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D&G - Light Blue Perfume

D&G - Light Blue Perfume The very first perfumes for teenagers that I am going to talk about is, of course, D&G's amazing Light Blue perfume. It's so light, so airy and has notes from Granny Smith apples, jasmine and bamboo. It's an amazing scent that so many people will compliment you on but isn't overwhelming at all!


Light Blue by D&G resonates with the youthful zest of spring and the carefree spirit of summers by the shore. You'll find a harmonious blend of Sicilian citron, a touch of bellflower to add a hint of refined femininity, and cedarwood that brings a distinctively structured base note. Ideal for everyday wear, this perfume makes a statement of breezy elegance without being too heavy for youthful skin. Even in a crowd, Light Blue's signature scent will ensure you stand out, earning you smiles and intrigue wherever you go.


Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture is one of my favorite brands out there, but this scent? It's awesome! It's light enough for you to wear at school, but not overwhelming at all. It's crisp, it's fun, it's addicting. It's smells like mandarin, wild berries and has notes of caramel woods, honeysuckle and jasmine. Flowery, but not too overwhelming!


This fragrance strikes the perfect balance, making it an ideal choice for young ladies who prefer a scent that's both youthful and sophisticated. You'll enjoy feeling playful and chic with each spritz, as the juicy sweetness of the fruit blends seamlessly with the alluring florals. Whether you're headed to a study session or a weekend outing, Viva La Juicy has a versatile appeal that's hard to resist. Plus, the adorable bottle with its pink bow adds a touch of glamour to any vanity. It's no wonder it's a top pick!


Christian Dior – Miss Dior Cherie

Christian Dior – Miss Dior Cherie I think that Christian Dior is one of those amazing designers that really understands body chemistry. To come up with a beautiful scent that can be for a woman or a teenager? It's amazing! This scent is a blend of violets, patchouli, musk and mandarin. It's so unique and so pretty!


Christian Dior is a luxury fashion brand founded by French designer Christian Dior in 1946. The brand has expanded into the fragrance industry, with Miss Dior Cherie being one of their most popular scents. It was created by perfumer Christine Nagel and launched in 2005. The scent is described as a modern, youthful and feminine fragrance, making it a perfect choice for teenagers. The combination of violets, patchouli, musk and mandarin creates a unique and alluring scent that is loved by many. Miss Dior Cherie has won several awards and continues to be a top choice for young women.


Vera Wang – Princess

Vera Wang – Princess Vera Wang makes some of the best and most beautiful wedding dresses, but her perfume? It's amazing! Princess is ideal for any teenager looking for something cool and light. It's a flirty little blend of Lady apple, floral notes, water lily and dark chocolate. I love this perfume, give it a try! After all, it's Vera Wang!


The Princess fragrance exudes a youthful exuberance that's both effervescent and chic, capturing the essence of a modern-day princess. It's this playful sophistication that makes it a staple on the dressers of girls who adore a touch of luxury in their everyday life. With its signature heart-shaped bottle topped with a royal crown, Princess is more than just a scent—it's a fashion statement. Whether you're heading to class or a weekend hangout, spritzing a little Princess on your wrists will surely turn heads and leave a whimsical trail.


Victoria's Secret – Supermodel

Victoria's Secret – Supermodel While VS's Pink is another popular perfume for teenagers, this one is amazing! It's got all kinds of floral notes mixed in with some fruit and berries, along with some creamy sandalwood. Honestly, if you want a scent that is going to make all the guys want you, this is it! Peach blossom, Chinese berries and all kinds of sparkle!


Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Lovers Love

Gwen Stefani – Harajuku Lovers Love If you think that Gwen sings well, you've got to take a look at (and a smell of!) her perfume! This perfume is amazing for teenagers! It's a scent that is light but still filled with all kinds of complex notes. It's got vanilla, peach, rose, ylang ylang and Egyptian jasmine. It's honestly a beautiful scent that you should all try! It's an awesome scent!


Abercrombie & Fitch – 8 Perfume

Abercrombie & Fitch – 8 Perfume A & F is a brand that I didn't think that I would like – especially for perfume -- until I smelled this one. It's so light, so natural and it's pretty! It's perfect for night and day, and it's one of the few scents that combines sexy, spicy and sweet and innocent!

So girls, these are all of my top perfumes for teenagers that smell amazing and really do work! Do you have anymore that you can share? What do you use? Share 'em below!

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I like the miss Dior Cherie

I love the American eagle line of perfumes! If you haven't smelled them, give it a try! I personally love "Live" by American Eagle

What is the difference between body mist and perfume? Anybody know? Thanks :) haha

@Izzati Asnol my mom bought it as my birthday present, but theres many online shop that sell viva la juicy perfume, or you can visit gading, theres a few stores that sell original perfumes

I love Princess and Light Blue! But I don't think I would spend this time of money on perfume for a teen!! LoL

I use Princess! Love it!

#3 price?

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