7 All-Natural LUSH Perfumes ...

With so many perfumes having a tendency to create headaches and allergic reactions because of strong smells or preservatives, natural LUSH perfumes are like a breath of fresh air – often literally! The scents are sweet and fresh, although there are also plenty of sexy, spicy perfumes for fun and feisty date nights. If you're looking for all-natural fragrances that won't bother you or those around you, take a look at these fabulous LUSH perfumes and see if you can find your new signature scent!

1. Karma Solid Perfume

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Lots of LUSH perfumes come in solid form, which is awesome. They're easy to carry with you and the scent lasts a really long time. Besides, if it starts to fade, all you have to do is swipe your wrists, your throat, or the hollows just beneath your ears. Karma is a killer date night perfume, filled with notes of spice and citrus. Evidently, the music of Massive Attack, which is as sexy as it gets, helped inspire this fragrance, which mixes patchouli with orange and lemongrass, elemi, lavendin, and pine. Get it for just $10.95 from your nearest LUSH store or the website!

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