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7 Differences between Body Mist Perfume ...

By Heather

If you are a perfume lover like me, you probably have always wondered what the differences between body mist and perfume are, right? I know that I have! I wondered why body mist doesn't last as long and why I am able to get body mist but the scent is never as strong. If you're curious about the differences between body mist and perfume, take a look below! I've got all of the top differences!

1 Lighter Scent

Lighter ScentOf course, one of the most notable differences between body mist and perfume is the fact that the body mist has a much lighter scent than perfume. This is of course due to some of the things that we are going to explore below, but body mist is meant to just be a mist – not something that is heavy and weighs you down. It's meant to be light and airy.

2 Not as Expensive

Not as ExpensiveThe next thing that you'll notice when it comes to body mist is the fact that it is not nearly as expensive as perfume. You could easily spend up to $80.00 on one bottle of great perfume, but you could spend up to $20.00 on a really good body mist. The price difference alone is amazing and one of the top reasons why people buy body mist most of the time over perfume!

3 Doesn't Last as Long as Perfume

Doesn't Last as Long as PerfumeThe thing that you are going to have to watch out for when you're buying body mist is the fact that it doesn't last nearly as long as perfume. You can spray it on and an hour later, it's completely gone. This is something that you'll have to keep reapplying and keep touching up – remember that!

4 Different Water Additions

Different Water AdditionsThere are tons of reasons why the scent is not strong enough in body mists for them last very long, and one of them is the water addition. There is a lot more water in body mists and that is one of the reasons why the scents are not nearly as strong. Keep that in mind when you are buying your body mists!

5 Not a Lot of Oil in Body Mists

Not a Lot of Oil in Body MistsAnother reason why body mists are not nearly as strong as perfumes is because they don't have a ton of oil in there. The essential oil is what makes up a perfume and the more oil you have, the stronger the scent is. There is typically only a little, tiny bit of oil in body mists.

6 More Scented like Alcohol

More Scented like AlcoholThere is also a lot more alcohol in body mists and that is one of the reasons why you get a decent amount of alcohol scent when you spray on your body mist. This isn't a bad thing though, it just means that the spray evaporates quicker, which means that the scent evaporates quicker as well!

7 Less Concentrated

Less ConcentratedFinally, perfume and body mist are completely different because of how concentrated they are (and aren't). Body mist is not concentrated at all, in fact, the scent is usually diluted just enough so that it'll stick to your skin for a little while but you'll have to keep reapplying.

Don't get me wrong, girls, I absolutely love body spray and body mist, but there are some downsides to it too. What's your favorite body mist? Give it up!

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