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9 Fantastic Floral Fragrances for Summer ...

By Sophia

Floral fragrances are a popular option when it comes to choosing perfumes. Whether you prefer soft floral fragrances or fruitier varieties, there are just so many different ways to go when it comes to choosing a floral scent. One thing for certain is that you can’t beat a floral perfume for summer. The following is a list of fantastic floral fragrances for you to get your hands on this summer.

1 Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Eau so Fresh’

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Eau so Fresh’For floral fragrances that scream summer, you can’t go past Daisy Eau So Fresh. It’s a fruitier interpretation of the original Daisy fragrance and contains notes of violet, wild rose, apple blossom, and grapefruit. The super cute packaging would also make this a playful addition to any dressing table.

2 Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose’

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose’This perfume is a newer rendition of the classic Flowerbomb fragrance by Viktor & Rolf. This refreshing floral fragrance features notes of centifolia rose, freesia, lily of the valley, and amber. It’s lighter and crisper than the original Flowerbomb fragrance, making it the ideal choice for summer.


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3 Dior ‘Miss Dior’

Dior ‘Miss Dior’Miss Dior is perfect for those who prefer more elegant floral fragrances. The fragrance is said to be inspired by “love and romance,” and features notes of jasmine, patchouli and mandarin. If you’re after a little bit of luxury then definitely give Miss Dior a try.

4 ‘Flora’ by Gucci

‘Flora’ by GucciThe Flora woman is described as being “young, classic, and refined… with the ‘Gucci edge.’” The fragrance features notes of rose, peony, citrus, and sandalwood. It’s a subtle and sophisticated fragrance, perfect for the modern woman.

5 DKNY ‘Be Delicious Fresh Blossom’

DKNY ‘Be Delicious Fresh Blossom’There are a few versions of the Be Delicious fragrance around. Fresh Blossom is a fresh and feminine take on the original fragrance. Floral notes of muguet, rose, and jasmine are blended with fruity apricot, apple, and grapefruit. As the name suggests, this is a light and fresh floral fragrance for summer.

6 Philosophy ‘Field of Flowers Peony Blossom’

Philosophy ‘Field of Flowers Peony Blossom’Philosophy has a whole range of Field of Flowers fragrances – perfect for lovers of floral fragrances. The idea behind the collection is to mix and match your favourite floral scents to create a “beautiful bouquet.” However, this Peony Blossom smells all sorts of lovely on its own. It’s a fresh, subtle floral fragrance for summer.

7 Burberry ‘Brit Sheer’

Burberry ‘Brit Sheer’Brit Sheer is a fresh and fruity floral fragrance. It has notes of peony, peach blossom, white musk, and pineapple leaves. Like other summery scents on this list, Brit Sheer is a light and playful take on floral fragrances.

8 Valentino ‘Valentina’

Valentino ‘Valentina’You can tell just by the little floral embellishments on the bottle that this is going to be a very floral fragrance. It combines notes of jasmine and tuberose with amber and bergamot. Valentina is one of your more sensual and sophisticated floral fragrances.

9 Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’

Jimmy Choo ‘Flash’This floral fragrance by Jimmy Choo is quite glamorous, if you can’t already tell from the flashy bottle. It features notes of tuberose, jasmine, white lily, and pink pepper. This strong, sensual floral fragrance is perfect for wearing on those balmy summer nights.

Floral fragrances and summer go hand in hand. If you’re after a new floral fragrance, then why not give these a go? What do you look for in a fragrance? Do you have any favourite floral fragrances?

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