7 Irresistible Celebrity Perfumes for Your Next Big Date ...


7 Irresistible Celebrity Perfumes for Your Next Big Date ...
7 Irresistible Celebrity Perfumes for Your Next Big Date ...

Celebrity perfumes dominate the fragrance counters at department stores. It seems like every celebrity has their own perfume these days. With so many celebrity perfumes to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are the best! I have compiled a list of 7 irresistible celebrity perfumes that won’t disappoint!

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White Diamonds

White Diamonds A list of celebrity perfumes would not be complete without Elizabeth Taylor’s classic, White Diamonds. The gold bottle with simulated diamonds is as alluring as the scent itself. This floral perfume has notes of gardenias and lilies with undertones of greens. Women have been enjoying the scent of White Diamonds for over 20 years.



Fame Fame is Lady Gaga’s first ever perfume. The seductive scent has ‘tears of belladonna, a black veil of incense, and pulverized apricot.’ If that description is not enough to grab your attention, then maybe the bottle will. Fame is the first black eau de parfum. The liquid is ‘black like the soul of fame’ but turns clear once it hits the air. The metal, golden claw lid is the perfect touch to cap off this sultry fragrance.



Stella Stella McCartney, the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, designed ‘Stella’ to be eco-friendly. She used all natural materials and vegetable extracts to make a perfume you could feel good about wearing. The irresistible perfume has strong floral notes of rose, peony, mandarin, and amber. The purple ombré bottle is as luxurious as the perfume itself.



Girlfriend Justin Bieber had us all wondering ‘what is he thinking?’ when he announced he was coming out with a perfume. However, Girlfriend smells surprisingly good. This flirty perfume has fruity notes of pear, blackberry, and strawberry with some musky undertones as well. The bottle is busy, yet enticing. Girlfriend is perfect for teens and twenty-somethings who have found themselves with ‘Bieber Fever.’


Wonderstruck Enchanted

Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift’s Enchanted is the second, and in my opinion better, perfume in her Wonderstruck perfume line. The gold-dusted maroon bottle is enchanting. The magical perfume mixes berries and flowers to create a captivating scent.



Sinner Sinner by Kat Von D is a spicy, provocative scent. The fruity tones of orange blossom and plum mixed with jasmine are offset by a spicy cinnamon undertone. To give this rich scent even more complexity, Sinner is backed with earthy vetiver and patchouli. For the perfect touch, these scents are enveloped in sensual musk to ensure Sinner will linger on your skin. If your mood changes from sexy to sweet, Sinner’s alter ego perfume, Saint, may be more to your liking.



Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker has a love for unexpected fragrances. That was her inspiration behind Lovely. While the lavender, orchid, and amber are all typical scents in a perfume, Sarah Jessica Parker surprises us by mixing the florals with an apple martini scent. While the blush pink bottle is boring, the perfume itself is anything but!

Irresistible celebrity perfumes combine intoxicating scents in eye-catching bottles. While there are many other good celebrity perfumes, these are my favorites. Did your favorite celebrity perfume make the list? If not, what’s yours?

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I like One Direction's "Our Moment"

Definitely someday and girlfriend by Justin bieber

I have both of justin biebers there amazing I love them girlfriend Is perfect !

Girlfriend is a pretty bottle

I have "Fame" perfume

I have Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck.

I like dream by Mariah Carey.... It doesn't last very long though...

OMG! Fame is so sophisticated and stays on forever! Love it!

White diamonds is terrible i would never wear it ever not to mention a date!

I like wonderstruck waaaaay better than enchanted. Enchanted seems almost confusing to my nose...is it sweet or floral or spicy? Too many

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