7 Quirky Long-Lasting Perfumes to Try ...

One of the biggest things that I hate about perfumes is the fact that they fade so quickly – unless you find long lasting perfumes! Do you know how many long lasting perfumes are out there? Do you know which ones are longer lasting than most? Take a look at my list below! These perfumes will stay put without even a refresh spritz!

1. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

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No long lasting perfumes list would be complete without having this amazing scent! Not only is Coco Mademoiselle one of the best perfumes out there, but it's so strong and so young. It's a vibrant perfume that is sure to please, no matter when you are wearing it! The best part about this particular perfume? It lasts all day … and all night with just a few sprays to your pulse-points!

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