7 Relaxing Scents Sure to Relieve Your Stress ...


7 Relaxing Scents Sure to Relieve Your Stress ...
7 Relaxing Scents Sure to Relieve Your Stress ...

Women often live with a low-lying level of stress caused by demands of the job, the kids and the household, but these relaxing scents are sure to help you calm down. Have you ever noticed how a certain scent can bring back a powerful memory, say the smell of your mom’s famous recipe? Your sense of smell is strongly linked to your emotions, and certain relaxing scents can ease stress and help you relax.

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Lavender Lavender is probably one of the most relaxing scents out there. Luckily, it’s available in many forms. Take a soothing bath with lavender bubble bath when stress sky rockets. Place a lavender scented sachet in your dresser drawers so you can get a whiff of it throughout the day. You can also use lavender essential oils. Dab a bit on your pillow to help you relieve stress and get some sleep at night.


The sweet and floral aroma of lavender not only calms the mind but also has therapeutic properties that can ease anxiety and promote a sense of well-being. Infuse your living space with lavender by using scented candles or a diffuser. During times of tension, pause and take a few deep breaths with a lavender rollerball perfume or mist your surroundings with a calming spray. It's the perfect way to create a tranquil haven in your own home. Lavender truly is a versatile and potent ally in the fight against stress.



Chamomile Chamomile helps you relax, so it’s an ideal option to have around the house. The best way to use chamomile is to drink it in tea. Look for it any place where tea is sold. I get mine at the grocery store. You can also brew your own tea by purchasing chamomile flowers at a health store and using them to steep your tea. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before using any kind of alternative medicine like chamomile flowers.



Cinnamon Not only can cinnamon relieve stress, but it can also give you boost in mood, making you feel more positive and upbeat. You don’t have to carry around a container of cinnamon to benefit. Look for cinnamon essential oil at a health food store, place a drop or two on a handkerchief, and keep it in your purse. You can also dribble a few drops into the shower and the steam will help it distribute. When you get out of the shower, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll be ready for bed.



Tangerine This is one of my favorite scents. Not only can it help ease stress, but it also turns off anxiety and can help you relax on a crazy busy day. Eating a tangerine and inhaling its aroma as you peel it is one way to benefit. You can also make a bath scrub by combining equal parts sugar and olive oil and adding a few drops of tangerine essential oil. Exfoliate your skin in the shower and you’ll feel relaxed and smooth at the same time! What more could a girl ask for?



Coconut I love the smell of coconut in the summertime, but imagine my surprise to find out that it can help slow your heart rate during stressful times. No wonder it evokes long sunny days lounging on the beach. Next time you feel like you’re running nonstop, slather on a bit of coconut scented sunscreen and just breathe.



Chocolate The scent and taste of chocolate helps alleviate stress hormones and make you feel better. So, first take a whiff of a dark chocolate bar, then nibble on it for a few minutes. In no time, you’ll feel happy and stress free. Not to mention getting to enjoy a delicious treat.


Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang It’s fun to say, but it also helps relieve stress. This flower’s scent can ease stress and the anxiety and frustration it often produces. It’s most common in the form of an essential oil. Add a few drops to your shower or dab your pillowcase with it.

How do you relieve stress? Have you ever thought about taking a deep breath and inhaling a calming scent? I can tell you that it works. Give it try!

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