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7 Ways Perfumes Make You More Seductive ...

By Michelle

The ways perfumes make you more seductive are novel to me. I find it amazing that you can use the sense of smell to your benefit; in fact, you probably should! And what’s great is that it’s a manageable and learnable art. Check out these ways perfumes make you more seductive!

1 It’s a Skill

Being seductive is a skill you work on, not a quality you’re born with. One way perfumes make you more seductive is by harnessing that skill and using it to your advantage. Imagine the nasal sensation that comes from smelling a beautiful aroma. It’s pretty powerful! Your partner might not be able to put their finger on it, but they’ll be wanting you even more if you work this magic right.

2 Talk about the Vibes

Anyone can hook up and have sex. It isn’t that hard. What’s important to realize is that seduction doesn’t equate to sex. It’s a form of intimacy that strengthens your connection to your partner. In fact, it can be even more powerful than sex if you do it right. There are different skills you can learn about seduction in the Kama Sutra and the role of perfuming the body is a big one. You can feel how the vibes change with a splash of perfume.

3 Complement Your Body

If you master the skill of using perfumes for seduction, you’re partner will notice how they complement your body. I watched an interesting TED talk by Seema Anand where she talks about how the perfuming of the body can make you more seductive. Consider the difference it would make for your neck to smell like jasmine and your arms to smell like mint. She suggests that the back of the body should be dotted with sandalwood so as to create a path for someone to follow. Think how that changes the same experience and makes it better.

4 Satisfies the Senses

Perfumes dance with the nose. Seduction is all about being alluring without giving in immediately. Think of the intimacy a tango brings between two dancers. Perfumes are the perfect dress to wear as you dance your way into your partner’s heart. Trust me, it’ll make all the difference.

5 It Makes You Memorable

The sense of smell is an incredibly strong sense in the body. It can trigger memories and work in ways that we aren’t all too sure of because of its direct connection to the brain. Think of how a child imprints the scent of its mother so that whenever they smell her, they feel safe and comforted. By perfuming your body correctly, you can have a similar effect on your partner. Whether it’s for dating or a long-time partner, you’ll leave them with a warm sensation that makes them feel welcomed and important.

6 It Talks about Your Style

Everyone has a different perfume that works for them. When you first start dating, the scent you wear will give them an impression of you that you cannot take back. Consider the difference a super fruity perfume presents compared to a more refined one by Chanel. Is it overwhelming for them or does it complement you nicely? You can use perfume to your advantage when preparing for dates. And it definitely gives them a sense of who you are and what your personality is.

7 It’ll Set You Apart

If you take the time to perfume your body, it’ll set you apart from other people. When you go on a date, sure you love to put on perfume and get all dressed up, but how about knowing what perfume will complement your body and your environment? In the early stages of dating, subtle steps like this can set you apart from others.

These are just a few ways perfumes make you more seductive but it’s incredible to see how this one skill can play such a big role in the art of seduction. It’s definitely one I plan on mastering! Have you ever tried using perfumes to your advantage?

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