7 Amazing Fragrances from Sephora That You Will Love ...


There's a reason why fragrances from Sephora are revered by many people. As one of the top beauty stores, Sephora offers a wide range of products that fit their diverse audience. Their sensual merchandise is suitable for any age demographic; additionally, the fact that their perfume collection is frequently discounted is one of the best perks. These amazing fragrances from Sephora will definitely leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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Philosophy Loveswept

Philosophy Loveswept This light and sweet perfume by Philosophy is absolutely intoxicating; from its delicious and floral scent to its convenient size, Loveswept is certainly in the running as one of the best fragrances from Sephora. The best part about this product is that it comes in a variety of sizes so you'll be able to choose whichever one tickles your fancy.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston As her first foray into the perfume industry, Jennifer Aniston certainly set the bar high with this jasmine infused fragrance. In the product description, Aniston attempts to put her love of jasmine into words by stating that "Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of jasmine on summer evenings. I consider the scent of the ocean to be one of life's most uplifting sensual experiences." I fell in love with this perfume based off of her sweet words alone!


DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom I've always been more inclined to floral scents; this blend of savory rose and blond woods doesn't disappoint. From its quirky shape to its magnificent blend, DKNY's "Be Delicious Fresh Blossom" fragrance is too great to pass up. If you're into sweeter scents, you'll be happy to know that this fragrance flirts the line between floral and fruity.


COACH Poppy Flower

COACH Poppy Flower Speaking of blends, this next perfume is both alluring and fun. It won't take much for its long lasting nature, coupled with the subtle undertones of sweet freesia and water lily, to win you over. Is there a better reason to try a perfume other than the fact that it smells delectable and isn't overpowering?



YVES SAINT LAURENT Parisienne The longevity of this fragrance will amaze you. As my favorite perfume, I can't help fawning over the chic presentation as well as the sophisticated mix of sandalwood, damask rose and blackberry. It is light yet is definitely one of my go-to scents for date night – and any other time I can get my hands on the bottle!


Ralph by Ralph Lauren

Ralph by Ralph Lauren From its stellar appearance to its fresh smell. this electric spray by Ralph Lauren is positively refreshing. Its simplicity is its greatest aspect; I'm always pleasantly surprised by the amount of compliments I receive whenever I wear it. I also love its sporty design.


Billionaire Boyfriend

Billionaire Boyfriend Last but not least, this delightful fragrance from Boyfriend is phenomenal. While it isn't as light as the other contenders, it's still just as addictive. Its luscious black velvet orchid and gardenia notes make it incredibly appealing to those looking for a more sophisticated choice.

The key to shopping for fabulous fragrances is knowing how to spot a great sale and using your judgment to decide whether the scent will last long enough to let you opt for a smaller (and inexpensive) bottle. What are your favorite fragrances from this beauty store? Are there certain scents that you prefer over others?

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