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Sometimes it can be hard to find a good perfume, especially when you’re not even sure that perfume is your thing, which is why I have compiled the 7 best single note perfumes and why you should be wearing them. Single note perfumes are perfect when learning what scents work for you, plus they typically come in an oil based form so they last longer. So check out the 7 best single note perfumes and why you should be wearing them.

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Demeter Fragrances

Demeter Fragrances I start my list on 7 best single note perfumes and why you should be wearing them with Demeter Fragrances. Demeter was started as a company focused on bottling every smell you could possibly think of. And when I say every smell, I mean EVERY SMELL. Scents range from Bulgarian Rose to Waffles, and Pipe Tobacco to Watermelon Lollipop. My favorites are their Lavender and Thunderstorm scents. They also have Riding Crop. You know, to make your 50 Shades of Grey fantasies more... everyday?


Demeter Fragrances takes single-note scents to the next level. Imagine capturing the crispness of a Freshly Mowed Lawn or the sweet allure of Pure Soap, this brand has an olfactory snapshot for every mood and memory. These perfumes are matchless for layering, enabling you to craft a personalized scent that's as unique as you are. For those who adore a minimalist approach or wish to reminisce over a specific moment, Demeter has you covered with its vast collection ranging from earthy to utterly whimsical smells. Satisfy your nostalgic cravings with their Play-Doh or indulge in the summer kiss of Sunshine.


Royal Apothic the Extracts

Royal Apothic the Extracts Royal Apothic is the best perfume company you’ve most likely never heard of. It was created by perfumer Sean O’Mara, who while vacationing in the UK came across an old apothecary journal filled with ancient royal fragrance recipes, and turned them into a booming business. How cool is that!? Though they have regular perfumes, they also have singular roll-ons known as The Extracts. The Extracts are designed to be worn both alone, and with others to create your own custom scent. I love their Extract Violette Pastille, which reminds me of my favorite violet candies.


Royal Apothic is a high-end perfume company that specializes in single note fragrances. Founded by Sean O'Mara, the company has become renowned for its unique and luxurious scents. O'Mara created the company after discovering an old apothecary journal filled with ancient royal fragrance recipes while on vacation in the UK.

Royal Apothic is best known for its line of Extracts, which are single note roll-on perfumes. These perfumes can be worn alone or combined to create a custom scent. One of the most popular Extracts is Violette Pastille, which has a sweet, candy-like scent.

Royal Apothic's fragrances are comprised of only the finest ingredients, and they are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality. The company also uses sustainable practices in its production, making it an eco-friendly choice.


Aveda Singular Notes

Aveda Singular Notes I feel like when people think of Aveda, they think of hair care. Maybe it’s just me. But Aveda also does excellent natural scents based in healthy oils. I especially love their Chakras, but they have beautiful singular perfumes known as Singular Notes. I really love their peppermint scent, which promotes positivity. Wanna know something cool? When you go to Aveda on your birthday, they’ll use the Singular notes to create a custom perfume or body lotion for you for FREE!


Kiehls Musk

Kiehls Musk This is probably one of the more famous singular fragrances. It’s super sensual and sexy. In fact it, when it was originally found in a vat in the apothecary's basement, it was deemed too sexy and was hidden away for the consumers' safety. Luckily when it rediscovered, it was decided that the general public could decide for themselves on the level of sex appeal. Which is a good thing, because not only is it one of my favorites, but I’ve made it Mr. Man’s as well. I’m such a good influence, aren’t I?


Kiehl's Musk is a single note fragrance that has a unique, sensual aroma. The scent is made up of a combination of musk, amber, and sandalwood, giving it a warm, earthy scent. The fragrance is often described as being sexy and alluring, which is why it was initially hidden away in an apothecary's basement. However, when it was rediscovered, it was decided that the public could decide for themselves on the level of sex appeal.

Kiehl's Musk is a great choice for those who want to wear a single note fragrance, as it is strong and long-lasting. It is also versatile, as it can be worn both during the day and at night. It is also suitable for both men and women, making it a great unisex fragrance.

When wearing Kiehl's Musk, it is best to apply it directly to the skin. This will ensure the scent lasts longer and has more of an effect. It is also important to remember to layer it with other products, as this will help to enhance the scent and make it last even longer.


C.O. Bigelow Perfume Oil

C.O. Bigelow Perfume Oil I have always loved C.O. Bigelow for their collection at Bath and Body Works, but there is SO much more to the company when you go to their website. It’s like receiving the ultimate surprise gift that just keeps on giving! Like not being pregnant! Or being pregnant- your choice. I love the smell of Magnolia blossoms. It’s always been my mom’s favorite, and it reminds us both of the tree in front of my grandmother’s house. The fact that they have a Magnolia scent available brings back generations of sweet childhood memories of climbing that tree... minus the leg scrapes.


Uncommon Scents Perfume Oil

Uncommon Scents Perfume Oil I’m interested in trying out this brand solely because of one fragrance they offer: Aloe Vera. I mean when I think Aloe Vera I am reminded of a cool green gel applied to my very burned Celtic blend skin. I’m basically a cocktail of all things sunburn, so I’ve gotten to know Aloe Vera quite well. So I guess Uncommon Scents has a point when they say the fragrance is both uplifting and refreshing. However, I’m interested in seeing what it smells like when it’s applied as a room temperature oil, rather than an ice cold drink for my skin. Will it be like drinking a room temperature Mojito?


The idea of Aloe Vera as a scent rather than a skin savior is genuinely intriguing. I have high expectations for Uncommon Scents Perfume Oil—hoping for that same soothing experience but in an olfactory sense. It's curious to think that a fragrance associated with healing and coolness could translate into a scent that encapsulates rejuvenation and perhaps a hint of the exotic. Aloe Vera in perfume oil form could be the perfect embodiment of summer without the sizzle of sunburn, offering a unique take on freshness that defies conventional perfume notes. I'm sure it could be a conversation starter, too!


The Body Shop Perfume Oil

The Body Shop Perfume Oil Okay so maybe these aren’t completely singular. But for the most part, they follow one scent and enhance it a bit. Though they don’t actually tell you what they enhance it with. You can do with that thought what you may. However, they probably are the most accessible of this list (TBS is everywhere), and do last awhile on the skin. They also give off some nice memories of when you were first trying out fragrances as a teenager. I’ll suggest Madagascar Vanilla, since I haven’t suggested a vanilla yet, and I know at least one of you reading this wants a vanilla perfume.

So there you have it, folks. No longer should you be confounded by complicated perfumes (unless you want to). Go out there and find sexy signature scent and make heads turn. So, what do you think of singular scent perfumes?

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