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Some of the best online perfumeries can be found below! Perfume is one of those items that typically needs to be tried on in-person so you can smell it, check its top notes, base notes and determine its sillage (a term used to describe its ‘wake’ and how it projects around the user). However, you don't necessarily need to buy it in-person anymore as there are so many online perfumeries offering great discounts, good product information and decent return policies. Feel free to browse these websites for some amazing finds on the best online perfumeries that match your individual style!

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Fragrance.net is one of the best online perfumeries that I've ordered from before. They're known for their fantastic discounts on high-street designer perfumes as well as beauty products, like makeup and shampoo. You can even purchase tester bottles of your favorite perfumes at a fraction of the retail price. Their website is easy to navigate and there's perfume history and designer information on each fragrance, which I like. Shipping is via ground only but they do have return requirements so check their policy before you place your order.



ScentCrafters will create a customized fragrance specifically for you! It’s kind of a fun idea and makes a great gift item for an event or for that someone special. You select your favorite scent and ScentCrafters provides combinations that will go with your chosen scent. You choose up to five of their suggestions (or none at all), then add a name to your fragrance, choose a bottle style and your own logo! You will feel like a celebrity throughout this process. ScentCrafters also ship worldwide and have a great refund policy.



I like the layout of Perfumania’s website and it is America’s largest perfume retailer (they have stores nationwide too). Perfumania stock a wide variety of designer perfumes, eau-de-toilettes and colognes as well as gift-sets (which sets them apart from other perfume websites). What I love most is that they even carry organic products like lip-balms, fragrances and sunblocks! They ship anywhere via air and ground and they're not fussy with returns either.



Scent.net is a fun company that sells unique scents at low prices. Small and family owned, Scent.net has quite the selection of American scents from Tootsie Roll to Play-Doh! They also sell organic fragrances, soy candles and they’ll work with you to get your favorite fragrance in stock, if they don’t currently have it. I feel like you’d want to smell their scents before purchasing them online, however Scent.net have a good return policy and their shipping is low at $2.99/order, so it’s not bad should you have to make a return. They don’t ship internationally though.


Perfume in the Box

Perfume In The Box offers more famous designers (in my opinion), as well as great product information pertaining to the top notes and base notes of each fragrance listed, recommended age-range, scent life, as well as best time to wear each perfume. They carry more of the latest stock from famous brands and they’ll help you find something similar, classifying your favorite scents if your chosen perfume is out of stock. Their discounts don’t seem quite as significant but they do sell tester items too. They only offer ground-shipping but their return policy is decent.



This is such a great company. They are online but also have a Scent Bar in Los Angeles that carries all kinds of fragrant products from candles to lotions, as well as a wide variety of perfumes. They categorize themselves as being a shop for hard to find perfumes. I love the whimsical look of their website and it seems different from all the other perfume sites listed here. Luckyscent offers product samples (for a fee) if you’d like to try before you buy and they have a cute astrological scent guide online too!



I like Fragrancex as they have a wide variety of discounted perfumes, however they don’t display much product information about each fragrance. There is a lot mentioned about the designer and brand, just not much about the top notes, sillage or similar product suggestions. They do feature reviews and pros and cons for each fragrance. Fragrancex also provide product samples (for a fee), they ship both domestically and internationally and offer a full free refund policy!

Perfume can be such a personal item, as we get attracted to scents depending on the season, memories, emotions they evoke, and our own personal style. These online companies all offer authentic products but there are subtle nuances between each company, so choose according to what you're looking for. If you’re looking for a perfume company that can offer you samples or you want to purchase unique scents for your friend's wedding, there's an online perfumery here that can work with you. Which of these online perfumeries will you be buying from?

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