7 Amazing Scents That Most Women Can't Resist ...


There are seven amazing scents that most women just can't resist. I'm not referring to perfume scents, but actual scents that you never noticed you enjoy smelling before you decided to read this article. Some of them we smell on a daily basis, whereas others come our way on random occasions. If you're curious to know what scents are fragrantly irresistible, then here is a list of some of the most common amazing scents.

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Flowers Of course flowers have various amazing scents. Some people enjoy growing gardens in the comfort of their backyard just for this reason. The amazing scents from flowers, trees, and plants can be very soothing and calming. They also have a rejuvenating effect that can help treat depression, stress, and fatigue. Depending on what flower you choose to take a sniff of, it can ignite the happiness within you.



Food Of course food makes anyone happy-especially when it smells good. Have you ever been so hungry that when you stepped into a bakery or restaurant, your stomach started to become really excited because of the delicious food aroma? Yes, many different food scents trigger our inner fat girl. We can't help but to walk towards the direction where baked chicken and sweet chocolate cake smell so tasty.



Oils Certain oil scents we can't help but love. For example, lavender is one of the many oils you can purchase from a health food store and steam in a pot on the stove. As the oil heats up, it will release its entire captivating aroma. Peppermint, vanilla, and/or any other combination you can find would be perfect for this as well. Most of these oils can be worn as a smell-good too, when bought as an African oil.



Incense Incense tends to fill up the entire room. Since you have to light the stick in order to circulate the scent, the aroma is released as a cloud of smoke. So, there is a smoke-like scent mixed in with the stick's beautiful fragrance. Some of you may use this for relaxation after a long day at work or for meditation. Whatever the case may be, they make for the perfect aromatherapy.


Shampooed Hair

Shampooed Hair Most women love the smell of freshly washed hair. After washing with your favorite shampoo, you can't help but run your fingers through your hair and take a sniff of your strands. Even during the washing process, some of us tend to enjoy the smell of the shampoo mixed in with the shower's steam. It just completely fills up the bathroom and works as the perfect relaxer.


Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry Who doesn't smell their fresh laundry after taking it out of the dryer? To go from smelling dirty clothes in the laundry room to smelling Tide's Clean Breeze detergent surprisingly puts some people in a good mood-especially if you have a sweaty husband and very active children to wash behind. Furthermore, warm-scented sheets feel so awesome to wrap up in after they're clean and dry. You should try it sometime.


Men's Cologne

Men's Cologne Okay ladies, this is definitely one of those scents we can't resist. However, because men's cologne comes in various fragrances, it all depends on what appeals to your nose. I personally love the Cuba Gold cologne by Cuba or the Dolce and Gabbana for men. Every time I smell it on a guy, I immediately pick up the smell and can't help but to follow the scent. Gosh! It smells delicious. I'm sure there are certain scents that your significant other may wear that make you fall in love with him all over again. That's the power of aromas!

Do you enjoy smelling any of these scents from time to time? What are some other scents you just can't get enough of?


Men's cologne is a great way to add a subtle yet powerful scent to an outfit. It can also be used to make a statement, as different colognes can evoke different feelings and emotions. While some colognes are designed to be light and refreshing, others are more intense and have a deeper, richer scent. Additionally, some colognes are designed to be long-lasting, while others are designed to be more subtle and fade away quickly. Regardless of the type of cologne, it is important to choose one that is appropriate for the occasion, as certain colognes may be too strong or too light for certain events.

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You know, both men and women like food, oil aromas, fresh flowers and lanudry- this article isn't really as specific as it should be.

All true

I cant resist the smell of Fahrenheit by Dior for men❤️Ammmmmazing!!!!

Aftershave lotion good one

Aftershave lotion good one

I sometimes borrow perfume from my Male friends.

Fresh laundry reminds me of my Grandmom she use to hang hers on an outside line we use to talk and I helped good memories ☺️

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