Layer Your Fragrance for a Long-lasting Signature Scent ...


There are ways to layer your fragrance so it has more of an impact. You probably donโ€™t want to use all of these ideas at once but using a few of them can give you the desired level of fragrance that you want. Fragrance comes in many different forms so there are plenty of different options. These are some examples of ways to layer your fragrance.

1. Start with Body Wash

One of the ways to layer your fragrance is to start with body wash. Thereโ€™s body wash available in so many different fragrances. Itโ€™s always an option you can check into. If you want to do more to layer your fragrance and there arenโ€™t many options available in the fragrance you use, you could always switch to a different one. Body wash is a good first step in layering fragrance.

Donโ€™t Skip Lotion