Layer Your Fragrance for a Long-lasting Signature Scent ...


Layer Your Fragrance for a Long-lasting Signature Scent ...
Layer Your Fragrance for a Long-lasting Signature Scent ...

There are ways to layer your fragrance so it has more of an impact. You probably don’t want to use all of these ideas at once but using a few of them can give you the desired level of fragrance that you want. Fragrance comes in many different forms so there are plenty of different options. These are some examples of ways to layer your fragrance.

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Start with Body Wash

One of the ways to layer your fragrance is to start with body wash. There’s body wash available in so many different fragrances. It’s always an option you can check into. If you want to do more to layer your fragrance and there aren’t many options available in the fragrance you use, you could always switch to a different one. Body wash is a good first step in layering fragrance.


Don’t Skip Lotion

Lotion is another way you can layer on fragrance. You probably already use lotion so why not purchase one that’s scented? Lotion helps your skin to stay soft and smooth. It’s a challenge to keep your skin from being dry in the winter. Lotion can help your skin to feel nice while smelling good at the same time.


Spray on Body Mist

Body mist is a type of fragrance that you can spray on. It’s usually a milder form of fragrance than a perfume or cologne spray. It’s also usually a heck of a lot cheaper. You can get by with wearing a bit more if you’re using a body spray. You may want to put your perfume on in the morning and refresh your fragrance throughout the day with a body mist.


Spritz on Perfume

Perfume and cologne spray are probably the most popular ways to wear fragrance. They’re also the strongest forms of your fragrance. When you wear perfume or cologne spray, you’ll want to be careful to only use a couple other forms of fragrance. It can layer up very quickly, especially when combined with other forms of the fragrance. Most women love this option for fragrance most.


Use Body Butter

Body butter is a wonderful product. It’s like a lotion but it’s creamier and has a very luxurious feel. Body butter can be a real treat for your skin. While you can wear it all over, it’s really great for problem areas such as your elbows, knees and feet. Wherever you have really dry skin is a great place to use body butter.


Walk through Your Perfume

This’s another way to layer on your fragrance. You probably don’t want to spray your fragrance right onto your clothing. That can cause stains. If you want an allover spritz, spray your fragrance into the air and walk through it. It’ll have a chance to scent your clothing without settling in to stain them.


Use Hand Sanitizer

One last way you can layer fragrance is to use a scented hand sanitizer. Bath & Body Works has many different choices in hand sanitizer fragrances. If there are no hand sanitizer options in the fragrance you use, maybe you can find a sanitizer that has the same notes of fragrance in it. While there’re many times you can’t combine fragrances, if they have similar scents in them then you may be able to do so. It’s something you’ll have to play with.

These are different ways you can layer fragrance. How do you layer your fragrance? I’d like to hear from you.

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I just tried this lol. It does work. I smell gorgeous lol

I wanna go

To make it last longer, spray on pulse points = behind your knees, side of throat, wrists. Also, spray in Palm of hand and lightly run it through your hair. Works.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make your perfume last longer ? It would be much appreciated 😊

@courtneyjade put some vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume it helps it lock in

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