9 Best Ever Tips for Wearing Perfume ...

By Neecey

Your perfume is an investment – it’s certainly among the most expensive cosmetic products you’ll buy (or have bought for you). It’s disappointing then, when it just doesn’t last as long as you’d like it to. One way to make perfume last longer is to learn how to layer your fragrance but many of us like to use unperfumed cosmetics. In this case, you need the best ever tips for wearing perfume.

1 Apply at the Right Time

For optimum results, spritz yourself with perfume straight after you come out of the shower. Do it before you put on your clothes as your skin will absorb he scent better, making it last longer. Also, you will avoid staining your favorite top with perfume marks.

2 Don’t Use Other Scented Products

You might have a routine that involves a whole host of lotions and potions, however using scented moisturizers and soaps will disguise your fancy perfume, unless you use the products of the same perfume (that’s an expensive business!) If you plan on making a real impact with your perfume then go for a fragrance free shower gel and moisturizer.

3 Don’t Rub Your Wrists

It is something we have all seen in the movies. A leading lady will squirt a spray of perfume on her wrists and then rub them together. It was something I always thought you were supposed to do! However, I’ve recently learned that the friction that you create when you rub your wrists together increases the interaction between your skin’s oils and the perfume. This can dramatically change the scent. Spray it on and leave it to soak in for best results.

4 Spray It on Your ‘pulse Points’

We usually spray perfume on our wrists and neck; ever wondered why? Well, these are your body’s pulse points’ – areas that give off the most heat. This will then cause the perfume to diffuse out of your body and up the nostrils of everyone else. Just don’t forget this key one of the tips for wearing perfume- less is more! Don’t overdo it on your pulse points or you’ll have people coughing and spluttering as you walk in the room.

5 Don’t Get It in Your Mouth

This might sound pretty obvious however it has happed to me a couple of times. If you are spritzing your hair then make sure you have your lips covered. Also, try not to get any on your hands as you’ll be surprised how much they end up in your mouth, especially if you are a nail biter!

6 Apply the Right Way

There are a number of ways to apply your scent. You could spray, dab or swipe if you are using a solid perfume. I usually spritz my perfume in the air and then walk into it, however this can be quite wasteful. If you have an expensive perfume then you might want to just dab a little on your ‘pulse points’.

7 Make the Fragrance Last

The secret to making your scent last longer is to apply on top of a fragrance free moisturizer. The fragrance will soak into soft skin much better than when it is dry. Another trick is to apply a little petroleum jelly to your ‘pulse points’ and then spray the perfume on top. The droplets of perfume will soak into the petroleum jelly and not your pores, making it last much longer.

8 Fragrance up Your Hair

Give your hair a spritz of fragrance so that it will be sure to follow you around all day, especially if you have long locks. Only apply the perfume to your hair when it is freshly washed, otherwise the natural oils and any hair products will ruin the perfume scent. Perfume can dry out your hair because it contains alcohol, so make sure you spray it from about 8 inches away.

9 Mix up the Scent

Okay so we all have our favorites, however in time your body becomes used to the scent and will blend it with your body, making it go unnoticed. Rotate your perfume every few days so that your body doesn’t become accustomed to it. It is also a great reason to have a few favorites.

Perfume is one of my indulgences. I love to try new ones, but I always keep bottles of a few favorites that I’ve loved for any years. What’s your favorite perfume and where do you spray it?

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