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Perfume is a luxury we all deserve so don’t worry, I am not going to be suggesting ways to spray your expensive scent anywhere other than on yourself. But what do you do with samples and testers, perfumes you don’t like or ones that have passed their shelf life (alcohol evaporates, leaving behind a strong, overpowering smell that is far from being as nice as the younger scent)?

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Use Perfume to Freshen up Linens and Curtains

Add some water to your favorite perfume to dilute it and use as a linen spray. Use it on your curtains to fill your room with a nice smell when the wind ruffles the fabric. Don’t you think having gentle scents wafting from your curtains on a breezy day is romantic?


Use It to Make “layers” of Fragrance

It’s nice to have a whole set of matching products in your favorite scents but it can be crazy expensive. The answer is to add a few drops of your perfume to an unscented body lotion and there you have it – matching toiletries. It’s even better if you can use one of those small sample bottles so as to not use your favorite bottle.


Add Fragrance to Your Drawers and Closet

You can keep perfume samples in your drawers or even spritz some onto drawer liners to give your clothes a subtle scent. You can freshen up your closet with the same trick or put cotton balls soaked in perfume in a pouch and hang it in your closet for perfect fragrance.


Revive a Car Air Freshener

They don’t make car fresheners in our favorite perfumes so why not make your own? Simply buy one of the regular cardboard ones and wait until the scent wears off. Then use sample/tester bottles to give the freshener new life. Or simply just make one yourself: cut out some cardboard and hang it in your car after impregnating it with a gorgeous scent.


Bring Fragrance into Your Room via the Lampshade

How cool is this? You simply need to spritz perfume diluted in water on your lampshades to make them smell awesome when you turn on the light. The light heats up the shades and the fragrance spreads everywhere in your room. It is a good idea to avoid this trick if you have pristine white shades in your home or else you will stain them.


Freshen up Your Mattress

The next time you strip your bed, be sure to freshen it up a bit with some perfume. It needs to be fairly strong because the effect will be reduced once fresh bedding is on but so overpowering it keeps you from sleeping.


Perfume the Laundry

Consider spraying your favorite perfume on unscented dryer sheets. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton handkerchief in your favorite perfume and throw it in the dryer when you're halfway through the dryer's cycle. Try this and your laundry will come out gorgeously, gently scented. This is perfect if you have a signature scent or a perfume you wear very regularly because you’ll smell of it before you’ve even sprayed it on your skin.

Have you got loads of perfumes lying around you don’t wear? I hope you find some great uses for them here.

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Some of my go-to perfumes are J-Lo's:"Luxe," Ralph Lauren's: "Blue," "Halloween," & Dolce & Gabanna: "Dolce." But, I also like "Herbal Essences," hair products too. Even vanilla lotion or cucumber watermelon lotion can smell delightful. I like to switch fragrances a lot.

My husband would not be happy if I sprayed all the fabrics and draws with my perfume :-\

Good tip. Spray it on your hair...lovely

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