Popstar Perfumes That'll Make You Smell like an a-Lister ...


Popstar Perfumes That'll Make You Smell like an a-Lister ...
Popstar Perfumes That'll Make You Smell like an a-Lister ...

Popstars no longer just endorse or advertise perfumes. They make them (well not them personally but you know what I mean). These days, popstar merchandise is so far removed from a band tee or a keyring, it’s not even in the same league anymore as our favorite singing stars are more of a brand than just a name. I’ve picked out some of my favorite perfumes by popstars.

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Katy Perry – Killer Queen

Katy Perry – Killer Queen After producing Purr and Meow with Gigantic Perfumes, Katy Perry signed up with long established and famous French brand Coty. The first result of the partnership was Killer Queen. I’m so glad she moved away from those cutesy but rather naff cat bottles to something more elegant. Killer Queen will appeal to those of you who love floral and oriental notes. Be intoxicated by red velvet flower, plumeria, jasmine, bergamot and wild berry. Guaranteed to make you feel playful.
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Between Us – One Direction

Between Us – One Direction As well as being the biggest band on the planet at the moment, One Direction can also add ‘most successful celebrity fragrance launch of 2013’ to their ever-growing list of successes. Our moment was followed up by That Moment and You and I. Then came Between Us. The UK’s Perfume Shop describes it as “a colorful and sparkling fruit cocktail with juicy mandarin and apricot nectar to energize and invigorate.” Despite its fruity appeal it is also mysterious and seductive.
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Believe – Britney Spears

Believe – Britney Spears Britney was one of the first to get the popstar perfume bandwagon rolling and she’s enjoyed a successful portfolio with Elizabeth Arden since 2004. There are now 18 perfumes bearing the Britney Spears name. I’ve chosen Believe, her second fragrance. Something of a sentimental choice because I liked this when I was young and romantic – exactly who the perfume who aimed at. It’s warm and sensuous but delicate too.
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Taylor – Taylor Swift

Taylor – Taylor Swift Taylor Swift can seem to do no wrong so an eponymously named perfume was always going to be a hit. Like Britney, Taylor Swift works with Elizabeth Arden and has so far produced four perfumes. Taylor is the third of the four and is a reflection of the star herself. It’s sweet and floral and youthful.
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Darling – Kylie Minogue

Darling – Kylie Minogue I know that Kylie has never been a superstar in the USA but she is the ultimate pop princess of Australia and the UK. I loved that she joined the ranks of popstars with perfumes and loved it even more when this became a favorite of my late uncle’s fiancé. Darling is based on lilies and is feminine, sensual and seductive.
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Rebelle – Rihanna

Rebelle – Rihanna There’s a great word that sums up this perfume from Rihanna – sassy – just like the Barbadian beauty herself. It also has an unusual mixture of ingredients which include strawberry and ginger, orchid and cocoa and it still manages to produce a fruity and floral scent. If Rebelle doesn’t sound like you, maybe her latest, Rogue Love will do it for you.
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L – Gwen Stefani

L – Gwen Stefani Queen of Edge, Gwen has only produced one fragrance so far and it’s in conjunction with Coty. The star herself describes L as “bright, fresh and clean” which is as you would expect from a scent that is based on violet leaf, white freesia and water hyacinth and includes frangipani flowers, jasmine, lily of the valley and white musk. I was kinda hoping for something a little more dramatic from this lady and the bottle and packaging is understated too, but it is a nice choice for warm summer days.
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Which popstar perfumes do you like most?

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For winter it has to be Queen by Queen Latifah the rest of the time I'm a Viktor & Rolf, YSL & Chanel wearer. But Queen is my winter scent.

I also really like Fantasy by Britney Spears

Created it...urgggg iPad

There aren't any star perfumes that I truly like...stick with what I like not wear something just becuz an A-lister crested it...who thinks that these stars actually wear their perfumes?

Beyonce's heat

Beyoncé's heat, got to go with that

Gotta say I'm a Paris Hilton perfume fan as well

Heat ... By beyonce😘

Incredible Things by Taylor Swift smells amazing and vintagey

Love more Royal Revolution by Katy! Is way better

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