Gorgeous Perfumes 💐 That Your Favorite Celebs 😁 Love to Wear ⚗️ ...


Celebs have a big influence on the makeup and clothing that us common folk choose. Sometimes you see something on the rich and famous and you want it too. Chances are you’ve never been close enough to a celeb to smell her perfume, but you know she has great taste and you want what she has. Many celebs have a signature scent and you can copy them by choosing it too. You never know, you may be walking the red carpet at the next Oscars when you wear one of these celeb favorites.

1. Blake Lively Wears Gucci Eau Premiere

Blake Lively Wears Gucci Eau Premiere

If you love soft floral scents with a touch of fruitiness, you are just like Blake Lively. That’s why she chooses this deliciously scented spray. It’s the perfect choice for days at the office or a night out on the town. Can’t afford this one? It’s not easy for me to shell out for it either. Victoria’s Secret Ooh La La is very similar and much more affordable. Either one will be your new favorite.

Emma Stone Wears Chanel Gardenia