The Sweetest Scents You Can Wear to School ...


For school you don’t want a heavy cloying perfume that is a pervasive miasma in a crowded lecture hall. You want a delicious scent that your schoolmates will be thankful is filling up the hallways! Your perfume should say “hey this is me” as well as smell fabulous. Like these:

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Tommy Girl – Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl – Tommy Hilfiger With notes of heather and sandalwood that are warm and refreshing at the same time, it’s great for some daytime sophistication.

Buy at


Princess – Vera Wang

Wear this if you are independent and playful. It has a flirty and adventurous vibe with overtones of the sweetest cupcake in the bakery.
Princess – Vera Wang Buy at


Infinite Pleasure – Just Girl – Estelle Vendome

A great in-between scent, fruity enough for a fun day at school but still with a few musky undertones that show you are more of an adult than a child.
Infinite Pleasure – Just Girl – Estelle Vendome Buy at


Live Colorfully – Kate Spade

Citrus and florals open this sweet scent, but a lingering hint of musk stays with you long after the top notes have dissipated.
Live Colorfully – Kate Spade Buy at


Unpredictable Girl – Glenn Perri

This scent is really light hearted, a great choice for a carefree teenager. It’s very sweet with notes of vanilla, jasmine, cedar wood and frangipani and a dash of neroli essential oils.
Unpredictable Girl – Glenn Perri Buy at


Citrine Blossom – Coach

A spritz of this zesty scent will get your mornings off to an invigorating start.
Citrine Blossom – Coach Buy at


Avon – Bond Girl Forever

Indulge in a little bit of sultriness at school without taking it too far. Feels light and appropriate for school due to its overriding fruity citrus tone.
Avon – Bond Girl Forever Buy at


Fantasy – Britney Spears

Feminine and invigorating, Fantasy is a fun and lively fragrance for daytime.
Fantasy – Britney Spears Buy at


Hello Kitty Wild Thing Roller Girl

Coming in a beautiful and quirkily designed bottle, this one is perfect for younger teenagers who want to experiment with trying scents that are linked to a brand that they know and love.
Hello Kitty Wild Thing Roller Girl Buy at


Pour Femme – Dolce and Gabbana

This mix of raspberry, orange blossom, vanilla, and sandalwood has a little something for everyone.
Pour Femme – Dolce and Gabbana Buy at


L’eau De Toilette – Carven

Are you modern? Feminine? Unusual or unconventional? Carven’s soft fresh scent was made for you.
L’eau De Toilette – Carven Buy at


Taylor by Taylor Swift

The pop star has created a wonderfully refreshing scent with both floral and fruity notes that will keep you smelling fragrant all day long.
Taylor by Taylor Swift Buy at


Euphoria Forbidden – Calvin Klein

An amazing and flirty fragrance that is sure to turn some heads in the corridors and classrooms.
Euphoria Forbidden – Calvin Klein Buy at


Peony and Blush Suede Cologne - Jo Malone

Peonies, red apple, jasmine, and rose make this perfume the perfect daytime go-to.
Peony and Blush Suede Cologne - Jo Malone Buy at


Guess Girl

Guess Girl is a really high quality perfume for young girls that I am sure a few older girls like to wear as well!
Guess Girl Buy at


Cleopatra – Tocca

This is a great choice if you want the depth of a musky perfume without the heaviness. Musky but fresh and floral too.
Cleopatra – Tocca Buy at


Killer Queen – Katy Perry

Despite the regal looking scepter-shaped bottle, Killer Queen is all about the florals.
Killer Queen – Katy Perry Buy at

What’s your favorite teenage scent – past or present ? (Let’s hear from older ladies about their teen years favorites)

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Some nice choices here. Time to give myself a treat I think.

I love this post :O 😍 you forgot the ultimate teenage girl scent: viva la juicy! 😂

I use Tommy Girl 😍

I have a perfume that's not on here but called wonderstruck by Taylor swift and it smells really good I love it ❤️❤️ now I want to try Taylor 🙂🙂

I love Vera Wang Princess! I want to get the Hippie Princess one next

Have Tommy Girl already..

Thanks for the info

I'm a little iffy on L'eau de Toilette as it means toilette water in French.

I use to wear explanation! Back in the 90s

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