Feminine Perfumes to Help You Feel like a Girly Girl ...


Feminine Perfumes to Help You Feel like a Girly Girl ...
Feminine Perfumes to Help You Feel like a Girly Girl ...

Wearing perfume is a wonderful way to show off your femininity and choosing the right one might seem overwhelming. With so many perfumes on store shelves it can be hard to choose one that you love. If you want a super girly scent, this list is for you. Each of these perfumes is super feminine and will turn heads when you walk by.

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Eau Tropicale

Eau Tropicale bergdorfgoodman.com
The combination of sunshine and flowers makes this one of the girliest perfumes around.


Cashmere Mist

Cashmere Mist beallsflorida.com
This is one of the most feminine smelling perfumes you'll ever find.


Dahlia Divin

Dahlia Divin lordandtaylor.com
The flowery scent of dahlia mixed with peaches and jasmine makes for one girly perfume.


Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence bloomingdales.com
This perfume smells as girly as the packaging makes it look.


Lola by Marc Jacobs

Lola by Marc Jacobs overstock.com
This perfume is subtle, but gives you a sexy feminine scent at the same time.


Jennifer Lopez Still

Jennifer Lopez Still overstock.com
The mixture of earl grey, mandarin and honeysuckle makes this perfume one that the guys can't resist.


Cool Water

Cool Water overstock.com
You'll love the feminine scents of pineapple and ocean in this affordable perfume.


Code by Giorgio Armani

Code by Giorgio Armani overstock.com
This perfume was designed with romance in mind and you'll love how girly it makes you feel.


Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori overstock.com
With packaging like this, you know this is a perfume that is going to be girly.


Limited Edition Lalique

Limited Edition Lalique neimanmarcus.com
This one is a splurge, but the scents of jasmine and rose make it a super feminine choice.


Victoria's Secret Bombshell

perfume, pink, beauty, magenta, product, victoriassecret.com
You'll definitely be a girly smelling bombshell when you spritz on this perfume.



Sensuous belk.com
There's nothing more feminine than sensuality, right?


Valentino 'donna'

Valentino 'donna' shop.nordstrom.com
You'll smell ultra girly with the scents of iris, bergamot, rose and vanilla that this perfume contains.


Soir Lune

perfume, cosmetics, amazon.com
You'll feel like the most beautiful girly girl when you wear this delightful perfume.


Victoria's Secret Angel

perfume, pink, skin, product, cosmetics, amazon.com
Of course you're already an angel, but now you can smell like one too.


Bella Freud

Bella Freud net-a-porter.com
You'll make everyone think of summer days when you wear this magnificent girly scent.


Very Hollywood

Very Hollywood amazon.com
An old Hollywood feel and the scents of orange, raspberry, gardenia and vetiver makes this your new favorite.

Which one do you want to spritz on today? What others would you add to the list?

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Some of these perfumes are a bit ridiculous (lol $1,800 a "bit" of a splurge!?) However the affordable ones listed are great choices! Thank you!

I love pink sugar! It smells just like cotton candy!

Valentino Donna is gorgeous! I'm learning Italian at the moment and this perfume literally translates to Valentino woman 💖 enjoy ladies, it's gorgeous!

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