Talk Your BF into Wearing These Sweet Springtime Colognes ...

Spring is a great time for reinvention, meaning that it's the perfect time to find a new cologne for your boyfriend – or your girlfriend if your girl happens to prefer cologne over perfume (like me!). I love smelling new cologne just for the fun of it and my collection includes quite a few of these selections, so yes, I consider myself something of an expert. Let me be your sherpa. If your boo needs a new signature scent, try one of these delicious colognes!

1. L'Homme Parfum Intense by YSL

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Does your honey love woody scents? L'Homme Parfum Intense features essence of India Davana, orange flower, suede, and cedar wood. You can practically smell it just by reading the description. It's rich but subtle with just a touch of woody citrus – perfection!

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