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11 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Old Perfume Bottles like a Pro ...

By Heather

Ever have a perfume where the bottle's just as pretty as the fragrance? It's a shame to just toss a gorgeous perfume bottle in the trash once it's empty – so next time, don't! Take your old perfume bottles and reuse them as a fab home décor item! There are tons of ways you can upcycle your empty bottles – save your favorites and give these a try!

1 Perfectly Chic Flower Vases

Perfectly Chic Flower Vases Empty perfume bottles make lovely flower vases – and nope, they're not just bud vases, either! Fill them with fresh flowers or create a permanent arrangement with quality silk blossoms.

2 Pretty Jewelry Holder

Pretty Jewelry Holder This is a practical way to keep your fragile or special pieces safe, but it's also a really pretty display. This would look awesome in a bathroom or on a vanity!

3 Oil Burner

Oil Burner DIY all the way, so you can save money, upcycle your old bottles, and make your house smell amazing!

4 Cool Art

Cool Art Oh, I love this idea! I think I'm gonna have to steal it!

5 Table Décor

Table Décor This is a fantastic idea if you have a collection of antique or vintage perfume bottles. I love this as a centerpiece idea!

6 Succulent Wedding Favor Bottles

Succulent Wedding Favor Bottles Adorable! It's also a perfect DIY idea so you can save some money on your wedding décor!

7 Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb Oh, I have so many old perfume bottles that would look gorgeous as glitter bombs! Forget about snow globes, these are so much better!

8 Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser Another awesome way to save money, reuse your bottles, and make your space smell wonderful!

9 Mini Planters

Mini Planters Grow your favorite herbs in your favorite perfume bottles! Perfect – and pretty!

10 Home Décor

Home Décor I really do love the idea of pearls in perfume bottles – buy 'em loose or fill your bottles with broken necklaces.

11 Empty Bottle Lighting

Empty Bottle Lighting Oh, I'm definitely stealing this! What a gorgeous lighting idea!

See any inspiring ideas?

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