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7 Awesome Perfumes with Cool Bottles That Will Fascinate You ...

By Heather

While the scent of perfume is super important, finding perfumes with cool bottles is also important! After all, typically your perfume is going to sit out on your vanity or in your bathroom. Don't you want to find perfumes with cool bottles that still smell amazing? Well, I've got all of the top perfumes with amazing bottles that still have quite a beautiful scent to them! No matter what bottle you choose, showcasing it is easy with the 7 perfumes below!

1 Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique by Jean Paul GaultierOne of the very first perfumes with cool bottles we're going to explore is all about Jean Paul Gaultier! This perfume smells oriental in the notes and it's oh-so-beautiful bottle will look perfect anywhere in your house! It's a flirty scent that is filled with spicy amber, vanilla, wood, rum essence, orchid and sandalwood! Give it a try! How cool is the bottle and how awesome does the scent sound?

2 Red Delicious by DKNY

Red Delicious by DKNYThis awesome cologne is actually one of my favorites. While I know the title states perfume, I think that this particular cologne is ideal for men and women! It's packed with woody notes, coffee, vanilla, vodka and even some mandarin flower! It's awesome for any occasion and the bottle is awesome! It's an apple bottle -- how cool is that?

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3 Fragile by Jean Paul Gaultier

Fragile by Jean Paul GaultierNow, I think that this is by far one of the coolest bottles out there – it's a snow globe perfume bottle! Not only does that top almost every bottle out there, but the scent is amazing! It's got some citrus notes, some tuberose, white floral and some sweeter notes, all of which are amazing! I am a huge, huge fan of snow globes and this bottle fits right in!

4 FEERIE by Van Cleef & Arpels

FEERIE by Van Cleef & ArpelsHere's another fantastic bottle that is definitely whimsical! It's got a fairy on it and I love, love, love the blue! The scent? It's amazing! It's packed with violets, red berries, Italian mandarin, Bulgarian rose, jasmine and even some iris butter. It's an amazing scent that lasts all day! This is definitely one of my favorite bottles; it's like a work of art!

5 Too Too Pretty by Betsey Johnson

Too Too Pretty by Betsey JohnsonI think that this bottle is so, so pretty (or should I say too, too pretty?)! Not only does it look beautiful on any vanity, but it even has a cute skirt on it! It's a bottle that has a ton of personality and the smell? It's awesome! It's got some floral undertones, pink grapefruit and vanilla. It's a sweet, feminine scent that unfolds beautifully! How adorable is this bottle? Wouldn't you love to have it?

6 Freak by Illamasqua

Freak by IllamasquaThis is another bottle that I just absolutely love, but the mixture inside the bottle? Amazing! It's got opium flower, belladonna, poison hemlock and queen of the night blossom. It's a mysterious, provocative and exotic mixture that is truly amazing!

7 Play for Her by Givenchy

Play for Her by GivenchyFinally, the last perfume that we're going to explore looks almost like an iPod! I love the bottle, but what's inside is even better! It's packed with tiare flower, sandalwood, musk and sweet pea. It's a sweeter scent!

I've love to showcase all of these perfumes with cool bottles on my vanity! Do you have any others to add to the list? What's your favorite perfume bottle?

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