7 Fabulous Ways to save Money on Perfume to Keep Your Piggy Bank Full ...

By Heather

Ladies, I've got to tell you, perfume is expensive – very expensive, but there are ways to save money on perfume that you might not have thought of. I brought my very first full perfume bottle not too long ago and I was amazed at how expensive it really was, that's what led me to thinking: what ways to save money on perfume are there? Let's take a look ladies, so you can stop splurging and start saving!

1 Discount Websites

Ah, the top way to save money on perfume is discount websites! I actually found my Oh Lola! on Groupon! Marc Jacobs is expensive at any department store, but I got it on Groupon for an extremely discounted rate! If you really want to save money on your perfume, you've got to take a look at the discount websites girls, they are the best!

2 Perfume Swapping Club

Now, I've actually never heard of this until one of the girls at the office brought it up! This is where you take a perfume that you have been wearing forever, but are a little sick of and swap it with one of your friends for a perfume that they've worn a ton and want to try something new. This perfume swapping club can be done online too, which is so cool!

3 Coupon Codes

If Groupon doesn't do it for you (or they don't have your favorite scent!) don't worry! Take a look at some coupon codes for your favorite websites and see if you can get a percentage off! I've done this for so many things and I've saved a ton of money! Try it ladies!

4 Buy a Bigger Bottle

While you might think this won't save you money, but rather you'll be putting out more money, you're wrong! If you have a bigger bottle, you'll most likely have the perfume a lot longer, so you won't have to buy perfume as much. I know that I used to by testers all of the time of my favorite scents – I probably spent more money over the years on testers than I would have on a big bottle!

5 Ask for Unboxed Perfume

Oh yes, there are unboxed perfumes that have been used as testers – and they sell them! Typically, tester perfumes are full-size bottles that are sold without a box and typically without just a little bit of the perfume. This is a great way to get a huge bottle of perfume at a discounted rate!

6 Look for Sample Size

Remember how I mentioned testers and sample sizes? They are really, really good – if you aren't sure about a perfume. For example, I wasn't sure about Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume, so I got myself a sample size and I love it! It's a great way to test out a perfume to see if you like it.

7 Store Your Perfume Correctly

Finally, storing your perfume correctly is going to ensure that your perfume lasts as long as possible and the shelf life is real! You want to store your perfume in a cool, dry place that isn't too cold or too hot. That way, the scent stays strong and oh-so-fresh!

So gals, these are just a couple of the different ways that I've discovered how to save money on perfume. How do you save money on perfume? Give up your tips!

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