11 Fall Body Mists You've Got to Try ...

Now that fall is here, you don't really want to keep smelling like coconuts and summer – so why not slip into some fall body mists that smell amazing and will keep the fall spirit going? I've got the top 11 fall body mists that are not only perfect for the hoodie nights, but they are light enough that you can spritz them on multiple times throughout the night to really amp up the smell!

1. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath & Body Works

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By far, one of the best fall body mists I've ever smelled is this one. It's packed with pumpkin scent without being overpowering and the layering of pumpkin to crisp apple and spiced vanilla, along with cinnamon, is absolutely amazing! This is by far one of the best body mists that I've ever spritzed onto my skin and I know that you'll love it too!

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