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7 Tips on How to Make Perfume Last Longer in Winter ...

By Sophia

Make the most of your fragrance by taking note of some handy tips on how to make perfume last in winter. Just like reassessing your wardrobe or adjusting your beauty routine, it’s worthwhile to think about your perfume in as each season progresses. Your favourite summer perfume might not always translate well come winter as the colder weather has been known to dull the effect of perfume. Want to know how to make your perfume last? Then take a look at these tips on how to make perfume last longer in winter.

1 Seasonal Scents

One of the first tips on how to make perfume last longer in winter is to switch perfumes entirely. Just like switching up your wardrobe at each change of season, think about switching up your perfume. Summer is usually the time for light, fresh fragrances. In winter you want something more robust. Try choosing perfumes from the same fragrance family and roster them throughout the seasons, making sure you use the more robust perfumes in winter.

2 Intensity

This tip ties into the previous one. Your skin doesn’t heat up as much during winter and cold skin can dull the effect of your perfume. To combat this, you need to up the intensity when it comes to your perfume. Try wearing the EDP version of your perfume instead of the EDT as the EDP versions are more heavily concentrated. Stronger concentrations can permeate your clothes much more easily and you don’t need to use as much to create a noticeable aroma.

3 Layering

Just like you would layer your clothes during winter, try layering your perfume. Applying your perfume in layers is just one way to get the most out of your scent. Look out for body cleansers and moisturisers that match your favourite perfume. Then it’s just a matter of incorporating them into your normal daily routine.

4 Application

Where you apply your perfume can make all the difference, especially in winter. We’re less likely to expose as much skin as we would in summer, which can make it difficult for perfume to have an impact. In winter, the perfume that we dab onto our skin has to diffuse through layers and layers of winter clothing. Top spots for applying perfume in winter include the wrists and behind the ears, as these are areas that tend to stay exposed.

5 Clothing

If you’re after a stronger scent, try spritzing your clothes with perfume. This can be helpful if the perfume you’re wearing is light and tends to fade when applied on your skin. Just be careful of what you’re wearing, however, as perfumes can potentially stain and discolour certain fabrics. Instead of spraying perfume directly onto clothing, try misting a t-shirt or singlet with perfume to wear underneath your other clothes.

6 Back up

This tip is a bit of a cheeky cheat. If you’re afraid of your perfume fading throughout the day, keep a miniature version of your perfume in your bag handy. That way you can quickly spritz some on while you’re on the go.

7 Storage

Perfume storage is not just important in winter, but all year round. How your perfume smells can be affected and altered by heat and light, so always store your perfume in cool and dry conditions and out of direct sunlight.

The cooler weather can dull the effectiveness of your favourite perfume. These are just some things to consider when wearing perfume in winter. Do you have any advice for how to make perfume last longer?

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