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7 of My Favorite Perfumes to Consider Trying ...

By Alicia

I am so excited to share my favorite perfumes with you. Fragrance is something very unique that can work on one person but not on another, but you don’t know what will work for you until you try. I always think it is interesting to find out what fragrances others are wearing. Maybe you will share your favorite perfumes with me in the comments section.

Table of contents:

  1. Amazing grace
  2. Pretty
  3. Design
  4. Beyond paradise
  5. Beautiful
  6. Bella belara
  7. Victoria’s secret angel

1 Amazing Grace

This is number one on the list of my favorite perfumes for two reasons. I love how it smells and I have got more compliments when I wear this one than any other perfume I have ever worn. It has a very soft, feminine, floral scent. Amazing Grace is made by Philosophy. I usually only wear this one on special occasions.

2 Pretty

Pretty is a fragrance by Elizabeth Arden and it is accurately named. That is how I would describe the fragrance - as a light, pretty little choice to wear. It is a floral perfume but not heavy at all. I usually wear this when I go out somewhere like an appointment or to a meeting.

3 Design

Design is a fragrance I used to wear all of the time then I kind of got burned out on it. But I am ready for it again so I plan to purchase another bottle of it when I run out of one of my others. Design is a very unique fragrance which is very difficult to describe. It is a floral base but also has some citrus notes. It is a very economical perfume, running around twenty to twenty five dollars for a 3.4 ounce bottle.

4 Beyond Paradise

This is another one that I wore for a long time, long ago that I will be buying again soon. I wore this one when my husband and I were dating so the scent of it reminds me of that time period and makes it special to me. Beyond Paradise is by Estee Lauder. It is also a floral perfume and I am noticing a trend in my taste in perfumes, here. An additional little benefit is that the bottle is very pretty.

5 Beautiful

Beautiful is also by Estee Lauder. I love this perfume but it can be a bit strong. When I wear it, I usually spray it down on the lower part of my body. It is a floral and citrus combination. I have also received compliments when wearing this perfume.

6 Bella Belara

Bella Belara is a perfume by Mary Kay. It is very economically priced making it perfect for daily wear. This is usually when I wear mine the most. It is a fruity floral that is very light. I sometimes have to reapply this one throughout the day as the staying power is fairly weak.

7 Victoria’s Secret Angel

This one always reminded me a bit of Bella Belara and now I know why. It is also a fruity floral. This one is stronger than Bella Belara, though and one spray will take you throughout the entire day. It lasts forever since you don’t have to wear a lot of it at one time. You can buy this at Victoria’s Secret but also at some places online, as well.

These are my seven favorite perfumes. What are your favorite perfumes? I am always looking for new perfumes to try.

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