7 Fragrances That Are Great Candidates for Your First Perfume ...


7 Fragrances That Are Great Candidates for Your First Perfume ...
7 Fragrances That Are Great Candidates for Your First Perfume ...

When you are looking for your first perfume, it can be hard to find a perfume that you like, that you want to try and that would be a great idea to purchase! One of my first perfumes was actually Cool Water and while that was great for the 90s, what about nowadays? Your first perfume is an important step into womanhood and to finding your signature scent! So girls, you ready to dive in and figure out which perfumes are great to try out if you're looking for your first perfume?

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Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift By far, one of the best perfumes to try for your first perfume is Wonderstruck. I know what you are thinking. It's a celebrity perfume, how could it possibly be good – but this one is different! It's packed with scents of raspberry, dewberry, freesia and even some green tea notes and some apple blossom. It's a sparkling scent, a blushing scent and a scent that will leave you enchanted.


Happy by Clinique

Happy by Clinique If you're looking for one of the top selling woman's fragrances on the market today, you've got to give a try to this one. This is actually one of my favorite fragrances and with good reason. It's packed with spring mimosa scents, ruby red grapefruit, bergamot and even some notes of Hawaiian wedding flower. It's such a fun and happy scent.


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture While you might think that something Juicy will be a little too overpowering for you, this incredible scent is light, airy and packed with fragrance. It's filled with bright jasmine, wild berries, creamy vanilla and even some champagne. It's a beautiful scent that is perfect for your first perfume.


Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj

Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Even if you don't like Nicki's music, you've got to be able to appreciate the beauty of this particular perfume. It's a playful mix of pink flower petals, raspberry, starry jasmine, woods, musk, creamy vanilla and even some lotus flower. It's a wow perfume that will truly show off your personality in just the right way.


Princess by Vera Wang

Princess by Vera Wang I swear, this particular perfume is at the top of every list that I do, but that's because this particular perfume is amazing! It has scents of mandarin meringue, apricot skin, water lily, amber, musk, vanilla and even some dark chocolate notes. It's a playful little scent that you'll absolutely love.


Poppy by Coach

Poppy by Coach Ah, Coach Poppy – this is a scent that takes me back. It's one of the first perfumes that I got and it's honestly, still one of my faves. It's a perfume that is light in the scent, but it lasts a long time. It's a scent that is packed with whipped marshmallow, sandalwood, freesia, jasmine, pink water lily and even some cucumber flower petals.


Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs Finally, the last perfume that we're going to talk about is all about Marc Jacobs. This is definitely a perfume that I get a ton of compliments on whenever I wear it. It's packed with cyclamen, raspberry, pear, peony and some vanilla notes. How fun!

So girls, these are just a few of the options that you have whenever you are choosing your very first perfume. What was your first perfume ever? Give it up!

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love all of Taylor's perfumes and they have grown with me. I used to wear wonderstruck, then I started to want a more mature fragrance, so I got Taylor by Taylor Swift and I love it!

First expensive perfume... So many good non popular cheap ones that have similar scents and undertones. :) I have actually never smelled any of these because I am working on my own and suffer from headaches when smells are too strong or artificial.

Oh goodness. My first perfume was the Paris Hilton one lol!

Yes it is :)

I don't even remember my first perfume lol till today I still get perfumes as a present from someone or the other I've bought 3 perfumes in 30 years lol

ECHO WOMAN by DAVIDOFF, sweet scent, doesn't overpower, pleasurable to the end.

My first perfume was Estee Lauder Exotic... Ahh how i miss that smell.

My first perfume was someday justin bieber and I don't like the Taylor swift one

My first perfume was Charlie by Revlon a long long time ago

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