7 Fab Mature Scents for Our Fab Mature Readers to Try ...

Sometimes, finding the right scents for mature women that don't smell like the dubbed 'old lady' smell can be hard! Most of our mature readers are set in the perfume that they've picked and the scent that they want, but if you are looking to mix it up a little, why not give a try to some of these scents for mature women that are totally amazing?! These scents are not 'old lady' in any aspect, yet they are mature and they smell oh-so-fantastic!

1. 1881 by Cerruti

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The very first of our 7 scents for mature women that we're going to talk about is 1881 by Cerruti. This scent is not only super mature, super sophisticated and able to work well for daytime wear, but it's packed with rosewood, violet and even some essences of bergamot. It's got some notes of musk, sandalwood and finally some hints of chamomile inside of it. Sounds awesome, right? Try it!

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