7 Fab Mature Scents for Our Fab Mature Readers to Try ...


7 Fab Mature Scents for Our Fab Mature Readers to Try ...
7 Fab Mature Scents for Our Fab Mature Readers to Try ...

Sometimes, finding the right scents for mature women that don't smell like the dubbed 'old lady' smell can be hard! Most of our mature readers are set in the perfume that they've picked and the scent that they want, but if you are looking to mix it up a little, why not give a try to some of these scents for mature women that are totally amazing?! These scents are not 'old lady' in any aspect, yet they are mature and they smell oh-so-fantastic!

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1881 by Cerruti

1881 by Cerruti The very first of our 7 scents for mature women that we're going to talk about is 1881 by Cerruti. This scent is not only super mature, super sophisticated and able to work well for daytime wear, but it's packed with rosewood, violet and even some essences of bergamot. It's got some notes of musk, sandalwood and finally some hints of chamomile inside of it. Sounds awesome, right? Try it!


Magnifique by Lancome

Magnifique by Lancome If you are looking for a scent that is packed with woody yet floral notes, this is the perfume for you! It's got notes of saffron, caraway, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and finally nagarmotha. It's a light scent that will last you all day – and even into the night! It's an ideal scent for the mature woman, as it isn't too sweet and sugary!


Coco by Chanel

Coco by Chanel This is a perfume for date night – and into the morning! It's a spicy blend of amber, Bulgarian rose, spice island clove bud, frangipani, mimosa and finally jasmine. It's a sweet scent that isn't overly sweet and it'll leave your man or woman wanting more and more! This scent has been perfected after years and years – so you know it's ideal for anyone looking to spice up their scent!


Tresor by Lancome

Tresor by Lancome This particular perfume is actually one of my mom's favorite perfumes, as she doesn't want something too heavy – but also doesn't want that 'old lady' smell. This is an elegant scent that is packed with romance, love and all sorts of class. It's a scent that is filled with lilac, iris, apricot blossom, rose, musk and vanilla!


Burberry London by Burberry

Burberry London by Burberry This is a scent that is all about relaxation, all about confidence and all about feminine elegance. It's a scent that is packed with clementine, honeysuckle, tiare flower, jasmine and peony. It also has some notes of patchouli, sandalwood and finally musk. It's a beautiful scent that really takes a moment to unfold!


L'air Du Temps by Nina Ricci

L'air Du Temps by Nina Ricci While this particular perfume might be a little difficult to get your hands on, it is a perfume that is ideal for the evening! It's a scent that is really rich in floral notes of gardenia and jasmine, but it's also got some hints of wood to it, with sandalwood and iris. This is definitely a fragrance that I could keep smelling for days!


Chanel Number 5 by Chanel

Chanel Number 5 by Chanel While this particular is probably a staple for you right now, I didn't feel right not adding it. This perfume is by far one of the most popular perfumes in the world and it is still a classic! I love the scent of it and I know that you will too, once you get a whiff!

Finding the right scent for our mature readers is all about the balance, all about the energy that goes into each scent and also about ditching the sugary sweet perfumes. Have you ever tried any of these? Give them a try!

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London is very good, also I\'d say body by Burberry, a few people have said it smells a little bit too mature for me, but i don\'t agree, it has lots of floral notes in it, I love it and it\'s one scent that actually stays on. Also I\'d say, alien by Thierry Mugler. A good mature evening scent. It\'s a bit intense so all you need is one spray, and believe me, I usually drown myself and can handle very potent smells, but with that one, one spray is more than enough.

Love Nina ricci I have her new one mademoiselle ricci love it

I love Trésor and Cerruti!!!!

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