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There’s just something so sexy about a man who smells good. Even if he’s wearing a regular old T-shirt and jeans, a man who wears an alluring fragrance makes him damn near irresistible! Well, we can drive guys just as crazy with our fragrances and we have some fantastic recommendations for you that you should definitely check out. You never know whose attention you might catch with a new perfume!

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Prada Candy

perfume, cosmetics, glass bottle, bottle, PRADA, Smell as sweet as candy with Prada’s bright and addictive fragrance. This perfume comes in four different varieties but I think the original is the best of the bunch. With notes of caramel and white musk, it’s the perfect balance between sexy and sweet. This makes a great everyday perfume for work, school, or just hanging out.
Price: $68 at sephora.com


While the Prada Candy may capture a playful essence with its delectable sweetness, don't be fooled—this scent wields a seductive power. Layered beneath its charming top note of caramel lies a sensual blend of benzoin and exotic vanilla that can effortlessly transition from daytime innocence to evening allure. It's a fragrance that encapsulates femininity in a bottle, designed to enchant and captivate in the most delightful way. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy or weave a spell of desire, Prada Candy is your go-to companion for that endless charm offensive.


Marc Jacobs Decadence

handbag, bag, fashion accessory, shoulder bag, brand, Who doesn’t want to smell decadent every now and then? I sure don’t mind. Not only is this bottle extremely glamorous, the fragrance is just as striking. Think florals, Italian Plum, Vetiver, Papyrus Woods, and liquid amber. This would be the ideal scent for a girls’ night out or meeting your date for dinner and drinks. If you love the designer’s bags, you’ve got to get your hands on this!
Price: $97 at sephora.com



perfume, cosmetics, glass bottle, 3tticp, Couture, Juicy Couture perfumes never disappoint. They’re youthful, fresh, and flirty and one whiff seems to uplift your mood. You can expect to experience taffy apple, mandarin, jasmine, and patchouli throughout. Such a great combination of smooth and bright fragrances that will draw anyone in and get you some compliments.
Price: $74 at ulta.com


CALVIN KLEIN Euphoria for Women

product, lighting, light fixture, lamp, toilet seat, We can always count on Calvin Klein to bring us the best perfumes. One of the most sensual and exotic fragrances in the collection is Euphoria. Euphoria features black orchid along with other striking florals, fruits, and cream. What you get is a bold blend of sexy and mysterious scents that will drive him wild. Perfect for date night and flirting at the club.
Price: $72 at ulta.com


Victoria’s Secret Heavenly

perfume, bottle, beer glass, glass bottle, drinkware, This perfume is far from new but it’s one of the most well-loved perfumes in Victoria’s Secret’s collection of fragrances. This fragrance is a bit on the heavy side so if you prefer light fragrances, you might want to pass on this one. For those who love warm fragrances with a mix of fruits and florals, pick this up ASAP to make your guy crave you more.
Price: $25 at victoriassecret.com


Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang, perfume, organ, eye, cosmetics, Some days you just want to feel like a princess. Spritz on some Vera Wang Princess and instantly elevate your mood. Take in notes of juicy apple, golden apricot, chocolate, vanilla, and amber for a sweet yet elegant blend. This perfume is long lasting without being overpowering so you can count on it to keep you smelling great all day.
Price: $45 at kohls.com


Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance

perfume, beauty, skin, cosmetics, brand, If you’re feeling romantic, give Ralph Lauren’s classic fragrance Midnight Romance a try. Indulge your senses in the sensual scents of black vanilla and pink peony. Spritz this on your neck, pulse points, and behind your knees when you’re out on date night or dancing the night away with your girlfriends. You’re bound to make some heads turn with this sensational scent.
Price: $54 at ulta.com

If you want to drive your guy crazy or are single and ready to mingle, these perfumes will make a great addition to your collection. Smelling great is sure to leave a lasting impression with your guy or any guy who hopes to be your guy!

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Calivin Klein Euphoria is the bomb

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