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The Best Places to Apply Perfume to Smell the Sexiest All Day Long ...

By Sue

Where are the best places to apply perfume? Each such spot exhibits unique features, and, therefore, those with expertise in the area of fragrances have chosen to give each of them a special name: pulse point. What are the characteristics of a pulse point and what are the best places to apply perfume?

1 Special Location

At that specific spot, the blood vessels carry blood through channels that are markedly close to the skin. Perfume placed at such a location will react with the heat coming from the warm blood vessels. So, what are the best places to apply perfume?

2 Presence in That Spot of a Fragrance Carrier

Heat travels through any chemical substance, including air. A fragrance that has been placed near a warmer region of the body will travel and get picked up by the warm air that emanates from that same location.


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3 Aids Retention of Fragrance

When a natural reaction takes place at the spot where a woman has applied her perfume, then that same reaction lengthens the span of time during which a fragrant smell will get picked up by the carrier. It will also increase the length of time during which that pleasant odor can be detected. In other words, by putting her perfume on the right spot, a woman can get it to last longer

What spots on a woman’s body possess the characteristics listed above?

1 The Inner Part of Each Wrist

2 The Base of the Throat

3 The Two Regions behind the Ears

4 The Cleavage

5 The Paired Regions behind the Knees

6 The inside Region of Both Elbows

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