9 Signs You Love Perfume ...

By Carly

Are you a fully fledged perfume addict? Hey, don’t worry, there are definitely worse things to be addicted to! Whilst some people focus on makeup, or clothes, or jewellery, the only thing that really gets your pulse racing in the world of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics is finding one new amazing fragrance after another! You can’t imagine a world without floral, woody, and sweet scents surrounding you ... it’s not even worth considering! Here are nine signs you love perfume!

1 No Signature

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, You don’t understand what people mean when they say they have a signature fragrance, because you love too many to be able to pick!

2 Naked

hairstyle, lip, long hair, black hair, hair coloring, You honestly feel naked if you go out without dabbing on some perfume; it’s like a part of your clothing is missing!

3 Arm's Reach

girl, long hair, brown hair, product, You always have perfume within arm’s reach, on every household table and in every handbag that you own!

4 Random Shops

string instrument, alcohol, drink, darkness, music, You don’t just stick to the normal big name stores, because you know that you can find rare treasures in the lesser known places.

5 Bespoke

skin, hand, finger, close up, arm, One of your biggest dreams in life is to be able to visit a perfumer and make up your own scent, filled with all of your favourite notes.

6 Satisfying

drink, alcohol, distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, liqueur, There are few things more satisfying in your life than watching someone fill up a new bottle of perfume for you.

7 Daydream

finger, hand, joint, You daydream about leaving your boring job at home and moving to Paris to open up your own perfume shop. You think you would be really good at it because your nose is well trained at this point!

8 Spin-Offs

perfume, product, product, glass bottle, alcohol, When you find a fragrance that you love, you can’t just stop with that. You then have to go out and but all of the spin off and limited edition varieties that there are of it!

9 Guess

beauty, girl, eyebrow, photography, cheek, You have a freakish talent for being able to tell what perfume someone is wearing. It’s become something of a party trick that really impressed those around you!

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