DIY Vanilla Body Mist ...

By Leiann

DIY Vanilla Body Mist ...

Want a light, warm, yet refreshing fragrance, for under $5.00? Learn how to make vanilla body mist in this video!

1 Light

Made using water so this is not going to be overbearing.

2 Warm

Drops of vanilla extract right from your own kitchen pantry makes for a delicious scent.

Vanilla extract is a great way to make a delicious and natural DIY body mist. Not only is it a great scent, but it is also easy to make and affordable. All you need is some vanilla extract and a few other ingredients to create a lovely body mist.

To make a DIY vanilla body mist, start by mixing one teaspoon of vanilla extract with one cup of distilled water. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a more fragrant scent. Once the ingredients are mixed, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake it. You can then spritz it onto your skin and enjoy the lovely scent.

Vanilla extract has many benefits for the skin. It is a natural antioxidant and can help to protect the skin from environmental damage. It also has antibacterial properties which can help to keep skin clean and clear. Vanilla extract also helps to soothe and moisturize the skin, making it a great choice for a body mist.

3 Refreshing

Using a spray bottle, apply to whatever parts of your body you want, making you feel fresh all over.

4 Economical

Distilled water, vanilla extract, and spray bottles all for a buck each at the dollar store!

Cute for yourself, for gift-giving, or for a good side-hustle and sell.

I hope you like the video!

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