4 Yummy πŸ˜‹ Perfumes πŸ‘ƒ with a Floral 🌸 Scent You Will Love ❀️ for under $30 πŸ’΅ ...


Who doesn’t love a good perfume? And who doesn't love floral perfumes under $30? Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one, though. Here’s a handy guide to help you find your go-to signature floral scent with my favorite floral perfumes under $30.

1. Absolute Parfum

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$20.00 at avon4.me

Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, Italian lemon, muguet

Mid Notes: Orange flower absolute signature, orris, hibiscus petals

Dry Notes: Sandalwood Sri Lanka, patchouli, honey Provence signature

2. Rare Pearls

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$23.00 at avon4.me

Top Notes: Rosewood, lush green accord, sparkling aldehydes

Mid Notes: Plum, honey, pepper, pearlescent flower accord (magnolia and broom flower)

Bottom Notes: Pearl musk, sandalwood, and patchouli

3. Avon Femme Eau De Parfum

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$20.00 at avon4.me

Top note: Rich jasmine petals

Middle note: Magnolia

Bottom note: Radiant amberwoods

4. Haiku Kyoto Flower Eau De Parfum

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$12.99 at avon4.me

Top Notes: Velvety violet leaf

Middle Notes: Pristine white peony

Bottom Notes: Soft cotton musk