7 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in Summer ...


7 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in Summer ...
7 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in Summer ...

Have you ever noticed that the perfume you wear every day seems to last much longer in the winter than it does in the summer? This can be the result of a number of different reasons, some of the most significant being the fact that we sweat more in the hot months and tend to be more active outside doing various things that can cause our scent to fade over a quicker time. In itself, it isn’t a huge problem, but if you have a favourite bottle of perfume that is expensive, you don’t want to have to keep reapplying it all the time unnecessarily! Here are seven ways to make your perfume last longer in the summer.

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Moisture is need to lock a scent in, so you can make your fragrance last a lot longer when you apply it if you do so just before putting on some light moisturiser. Not only will your skin feel great, but it will continue to smell great too!


Innovative Application

Make sure that you hit all of the important pulse points on your body to make the scent last longer. These include the neck, wrists, and elbows as well as doing a general walkthrough spritz to finish things off.


Correct Storage

Make sure that you store your fragrance bottles in places where they are most likely to have preserved shelf life. Keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme heat because that will result in the chemical bonds breaking down and the scent losing its potency.


Thoughtful Scent Choice

Eau de toilette isn’t meant for hot and humid weather, so make sure that you are applying the more concentrated form of the scent, eau de parfum, instead. It is much stronger and will last a lot longer in the hot and heavy conditions.


Lip Balm

Putting just a little touch of lip balm on the inside of your wrists and on your neck can make your perfume stick much more effectively to the spraying areas. The slightly waxy texture of the balm will hold the fragrance in place.


Don’t Rub

Whatever you do, do not rub the scent in to your skin. It’s all about the dab! Rubbing it in will only make your fingers smell more and your neck smell less, whereas a dab will encourage the fragrance to sink in and penetrate the area.



Don’t forget to utilise your hair! It’s one of the best places to spray perfume to make it last for a long time. It’s a big surface area to play with, and it will serve to leave a beautifully scented trail behind you wherever you go!

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