13 Gender Neutral Fragrances You'll Both Love ...


13 Gender Neutral Fragrances You'll Both Love ...
13 Gender Neutral Fragrances You'll Both Love ...

Have you considered wearing gender neutral perfumes? Sometimes when you are in a relationship, something that becomes quite important, whether you realize it or not, are the kinds of colognes and perfumes that you tend to wear on a regular basis. Without you even realizing it, you can come to associate your partner with a certain scent based on the fragrances that they like to wear regularly, and if that is a scent that you don’t particularly enjoy, then it could end up causing an issue. Delving even further into the psychology, you might even reach a point where you want to create a ‘couple’s scent’ that becomes associated with the two of you as a duo, and this is where the genre of gender neutral perfume can come in handy. Here are some of my favorite unisex fragrances.

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Calvin Klein Ck One

water bottle, product, perfume, product, liquid, There is nothing quite like a straight up classic! ck one is a beloved fragrance whose notes of jasmine, rose and musk make for a wonderfully unisex fragrance that is perfectly adaptable for day, night, casual and formal!
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Aesop Tacit Eau De Parfum

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, product design, This amazing fragrance is inspired by the glorious Mediterranean coast, featuring notes of basil, grand vert and citrus. Its wonderful crispness makes it appealing to both men and women.
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Glossier You

product, product, bottle, product design, lotion, This is an amazing scent that is marketed as smelling different on each person that wears it, making for a really interesting gender neutral and couple’s scent because if it true to its word, it will never smell the same for two people!
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Atelier Colgone Bergamote Soleil Cologne Absolute

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, liquid, A light spritz of this heady perfume is perfect for either gender, as it features a slightly floral edge that isn’t quite bold enough to be wholly feminine but not absent enough to be totally male identified.
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Escentric Molecules

perfume, product, product, flask, cosmetics, If you both love a fragrance that is different to what everyone else is wearing, choose Escentric Molecules. Its single ingredient is an aroma chemical traditionally used as a woody base that blends with the scent of your skin for a scent that's unique to you.
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Demeter Laundromat

product, product, skin care, health & beauty, liquid, Is there anything better than the addictive smell of clean, fresh, crisp laundry? The smell of laundry is something that is quite closely associated with relationships, with girlfriends often choosing to sleep in a partner’s shirt, so this perfume will bring out all of those emotions and feelings.
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Ex Nihilo Bois D’Hiver

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, health & beauty, This woody scent was designed to play with the notions of softness and strength making it ideal to stimulate the ying and yang of a couple’s connection.
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Ellis Brooklyn Rives Eau De Parfum

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, product design, With notes of neroli, cedarwood, white suede and petegrain, the fresh, clean smell of Rives is perfect for a gender neutral perfume; not too feminine or too masculine, just walking that fine tight rope in the middle to great success.
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Le Jardin De Monsieur Li by Hermes

perfume, product, product, glass bottle, cosmetics, This juicy, aromatic citrus scent is as clean and bright as its bottle. Cosmo says “We want to drink it, shower in it and lick the skin of the person wearing it”.
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Fleur De Portofino by Tom Ford

product, perfume, product, bottle, glass bottle, Tom Ford is becoming the new king of unisex fragrances and this one is worthy of his name. It is effervescent with crisp citrus notes and heady honey. What an (expensive) Italian holiday romance would smell like.
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Frankie by Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum

perfume, brush, product, product, cosmetics, You might think that any fragrance by Ariana Grande would be totally girly, but this aroma is actually much more balanced with notes of sandalwood, apricot, pear and a hit of musk to mellow everything out.
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Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau De Parfum

perfume, product, liqueur, product, liquid, This is a real woodsy number, featuring notes of orange, plum, bergamot and, of course, cannabis! Not at all sweet, perfectly at home in the gender neutral category.
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BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au the Vert

perfume, product, product, cosmetics, product design, Staying away from traditional sweetness or muskiness, this fragrance instead chooses a green tea base, making it really interesting and an alternative option to all of the gender oriented options on the market.
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