Did You Know That Perfume Can Age You ?


Did You Know  That Perfume Can Age You ?
Did You Know  That Perfume Can Age You ?

Did you know that perfume can age you? When you pick a perfume to buy and wear, it might be fair to say that your main concern is the scent, and how much you personally enjoy it. We tend to stick with perfumes with scents we are most excited by and attracted to, but did you know that there are factors about perfume that might be responsible for prematurely aging you? Even if you otherwise maintain a very strict and attentive anti-aging regime, there are definitely aspects of your perfume choice that might be working to counteract some of that hard work. Here are some things to consider when you ask yourself did you know that perfume can age you?.

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Direct Skin Contact

Depending on how harsh the concentration of your perfume is, it can have an aggressive reaction on your skin without you even realising it. Extended use over time can work to undermine your skin’s ability to be able to protect itself against harmful UV rays, meaning that it will become more vulnerable to pigmentation issues and sun damage even with a healthy amount of sunscreen applied.


Vulnerable Neck

This is even more so the case when it comes to the neck. The skin on your neck is much closer to the bone, and it is thinner and more sensitive too, so any negative impact that prolonged perfume use might have on your skin is doubly noticeable on your neck. It’s the reason why you often see older women who have pigmentation patches on their necks and chests.


What to do?

So, what can you do about this? The first thing to do is to get into the habit of using facial sunscreen all the way down your face and including your neck and chest, even when the sun isn’t in full glare.


Safe Spray Areas

The best advice that we can give you to completely eliminate any potential skin damage and premature aging is to spray your perfume on and around your clothes instead of on your body. Wrists are also a safer option because the skin there is less vulnerable to sun damage and aging issues.


Reversing Tips?

If you have already started to experience some of the skin irritation or premature aging effects mentioned, then you can give your skin a vital boost by doing things like adding antioxidants to your regime both in the form of diet and of various skincare products. There are also a number of anti-pigmentation products on the market that work to reduce the appearance of patches on your skin.

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