4 Best Perfumes with a Fresh Scent under 20 ...


4 Best Perfumes with a Fresh Scent under 20 ...
4 Best Perfumes with a Fresh Scent under 20 ...

Looking for the best perfumes with a fresh scent? Who doesn’t love a good perfume? Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one, though. Here’s a handy guide to help you find your go-to signature with some of the best perfumes with a fresh scent.

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product, product, product design, lid, $12.99 at avon4.me
Top Notes: Japanese Yuzu, Chinese Pomegranate, Green Freesia, Morning Dewdrops, Summer Pear

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Prunella, Kumquat, Fig, Muguet, Chinese Peony, Green Tuberose
Base Notes: Exotic Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Evening Musks, Vetiver, Vanilla


Haiku Reflection

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Top Notes: Crisp Pear, Capucine, Radiant Water Accord
Mid Notes: Magnolia, Acacia Blossom, Freesia
End Notes: Firmenich Captive Musk, Apricot Skin, Amber Wood


Ultra Sexy Pink

perfume, product, cosmetics, product, health & beauty, $18.00 at avon4.me
Top Notes: Raspberry Essence
Middle Note: Blushing Peony Essence
Bottom Note: Chiffon Musk Accord



perfume, product, product, cosmetics, glass bottle, $20.00 at avon4.me
Notes: Citrus, Jasmine Petals, Musk

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