What Your Favorite Fragrance Says about You ...


What Your Favorite Fragrance Says about You ...
What Your Favorite Fragrance Says about You ...

Choosing a fragrance says a lot about you. As well as suiting you and reprsenting you, you don’t want it to turn people off (remembering that scents react differently to every individual’s skin chemicals). All fragrances have unique characters and charisma and character and have the ability to evoke specific feelings. You can tell a lot about a person simply by how they smell so it’s important to consider the impression you want to convery.
You are what you smell like. Here's what you are really saying with your scent.

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Musky Scents

Who you are: Musky scents are synonmous with the iconic 1950s screen sirens of Hollywood’s golden age. From Rite Hayworth to Joan Crawford to Bette Davis, a musky scent is perfect for a mysterious, sexy, alluring lady who is always one step ahead of everyone else. Ideal for the quick witted and sharp tongued among us!

What you wear: Without a doubt a fur coat, covering a stunning evening gown complete with elbow length gloves for maximum luxury!

Your dating style: Although you are glamourous by nature, when it comes to dating you are more receptive to sentimentality and gentlemanly sweetness.

Some examples of great musky scents are L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake, 3 L’Imperatrice by D&G and Candy Kiss by Prada.

My favourite pick is Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana, a real classic with notes of musk, lily, neroli leaves and papaya flower.


Floral Scents

Who you are: Flower by name, flower by nature. You are somebody who is always looking to grow and bloom into a better person. Your enthusiasm for life can be felt by all those who you come in to contact with.

Your Imagination: Your imagination tends to be extremely positive, always looking for the best in people and predicting the happiest, most exciting outcome in any given situation. You also find it very easy to daydream in great visual detail.

What you wear: This is another type of scent that lends itself to a classy look. Think along the lines of Amal Clooney, George Clooney’s stunning wife!

Your dating style: Floral scents like to match with floral gifts, so you are not opposed to be greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on a date! Tellingly, you are also very good as gigving second chances.

Expense isn’t the be all and end all for you, you are satisfied that it is the thought that counts.

Some great picks for floral fragrances are Replica by Maison Margiela, Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel and Sauvage by Dior.

My favourite is definitely Chloe by Chloe, a scent with a heady mixture of peony, rose and cedarwood.


Fresh Scents

Who you are: You’re cool, you’re calm, you’re collected and you’re mostly carefree! On the whole, you live a stress- free life and you find that you are attracted to fresh scents because they offer a pleasing balance and aroma without any added drama, you don’t need any of that!

If you were a song, you’d defintely be So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast, a fun, fresh, funky toe tapper that pleases everybody while evoking an effortless coolness!

What you wear: You like to dress sharply, punctuating your wardrobe with luxury labels and statements pieces that really pop. Anna Wintour would be proud!

Your dating style: You’re cool and you’re fresh, but doesn’t mean you are down to be taken for a fool! Part of your effortless coolness comes in the form of knowing exactly what you want, and just like fragrances, if a guy isn’t giving you want you want, you simply move on to the next one in the hope of finding something better. You’re also very organized, which means you are great at planning dates!

When it comes to fresh scents, I love Bright Crystal by Versace, B. by Balenciaga and MIU MIU Eau de Parfum by MIU MIU.

My pick of the bunch though is Warm Cotton by CLEAN, a sexy and subtle fragrance with notes of citrus, green pear and jasmine.


Fruity Scents

Who you are: You’re a classic fruity scent girl, the life of the party, no matter what kind of party or scenario it may be! Your adventurous spirit always seems to put you at the centre of attention, and your carefree nature means that you are definitely one of those friends that people feel can take you on a journey and get you in all sorts of trouble before the evening is out!

What’s great about fruity girls, though, it that they are just as much fun out on the town as they are chilling on the couch with pizza watching Netflix. No matter the occasion, you bring the fun.

Your imagination: The fruity scents you like to wear are associated with a vivid and fun imagination. You are always the first to come up with a wild plan or idea that other people would never have even dreamed of!

What you wear: Bo-ho chic is defintely the phrase that comes to mind, things like maxi dresses and wrap skirts to highlight your fun loving personality. But let’s be honest, you’re the lucky kind of girl who looks great in anything!

Your dating style: When it comes to dating, you can be a total tease, but this stems from the fact that you can be completely intoxicating to members of the opposite sex! Your fruit scents lead to a feeling of ripeness that drive guys wild!

Some of the best fruity scents are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, English Pear And Freesia by Jo Malone and Miss Dior by Dior.

My favourite fruity fragrance is BONBON by Viktor & Rolf, boasting delicious notes of mandarin and orange blossom with a hint of caramel.


Classic Scents

Who you are: Women who opt for classic scents are the kind of women who know what they like and don’t see the point in exploring other options, and that’s totally fine! You’re an independent woman who knows that you’ve already found your forever fragrance, and by the amount of compliments you receive because of it, we can’t help but agree! You also enjoy the finer things in life, loving nothing more than a night at a sophisticated resturaunt followed by a few drinks in an upscale cocktail bar.

What you wear: You’re one of the most put together women that you know; there is nothing fake about your ensembles, dripping in labels and quality to the max! You can spot a faux item a mile away, it’s almost a god-given talent!

Your imagination: You enjoy the mysterious side of life, and often find yourself daydreaming about many of its complexities. That’s not to say however, that you don’t fix your mind on a goal and achieve it, because that’s also a speciality.

Your dating style: When it comes to men, you don’t feel the need to go out hunting. You know that any man worthy of your affections will find his way to you without you having to make the first move!

Some of the best classics are Stella by Stella McCartney, Roses De Chloe by Chloe and Florence by Tocca.

My pick of the classics is Romance by Ralph Lauren, a wonderulf fragrance that feels timless with notes of rose, ginger, white violet, day lily and musk.


Earthy Scents

Who you are: The clue is in the name of your scent group; you are super down to earth! Low maintenance would be an overstatement. You love to go on adventures with your favourite people, and love nothing more than hiking through the woods with those who you love and trust the most. You’re definitely not afraid to get your hair wet or your makeup runny!

What you wear: Your style is super unique, to the point that you often see others trying to replicate it. The key is in the fact that you always go lowkey, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

Your imagination: In your mind, it’s always that glorious perioud inbetween summer and autumn, where the sun is out but there is a slight chill in the evening air! Nothing seems stressfull in this space, and you can do some of your best problem solving with a quick spot of meditation.

Your dating style: When it comes to dating, you can’t be put in to a ny single category. You are open to all types of people with all types of interests because you celebrate differences rather than trying to find similarities.

Some earthy fragrances that I love are Terre d’Hermes Eau de Toilette by Hermes, Fahrenheit by Dior and White Sandalwood by NEST.

My favourite scent in the category is Premiere by Gucci, an amazing fragrance that boasts earthy but feminine notes of bergamot, musk, leather and wood.


Sweet Scents

Who you are: Sweet by name, sweet by nature! You choose these types of fragrances because you like to surround yourself in an air of elegance that, unlike classic or musky, has a youthful and innocent side also. You can be a tad shy at times, but once people get to know you, you are a passionate and loyal friend that can be helpful and hopeful in many different situations.

When people are having a bad day, you are the first person who they turn to to make them feel better, because you have an effortless glow about you that affects everyone you come in to contact with.

Your imagination: Your sweet nature helps you to see things from all different perspectives, which means that your imagination is as wide and vivid as it can be!

What you wear: You love to keep it simple but classic, accesorising with jewelry whenever possible. You never really grew out of that childish love of dressing up, and there’s no shame in that!

Your dating style: You can operate in the best of both worlds; you can be a really silly, girly girl around your friends, but you can also turn on the effortless cool when trying to impress a guy that you are interested in!

Some standout sweet fragrances are Honey by Marc Jacobs, Vanilla Coconut Fragrance by LaVanila and Unconditional Love Fragrance by Philosophy.

The winner in the category for me, though, is definitely Poison Girl by Dior, with notes of sweet gourmands, sparkling neroli and icy orange.

Do you recognize yourself according to your favorite fragrance group here?

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