7 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent ...


7 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent ...
7 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent ...

The hunt for the perfect perfume ends here with these tips for finding your signature scent. Creating your signature scent and finding one to call your own can be a tough, sensory overload experience that can often leave you more confused than certain, and worse off, empty handed. To seek out your personalized fragrance, follow these 7 tips for finding your signature scent and get spritzing!

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Know What You like

Know What You like Beginning your journey to finding your signature scent begins with knowing what you like and what you don’t like. The best way to do this is to compile a list of all the fragrances you like and the ones you don’t. Next to each fragrance jot down what you like or dislike about them all to help give you a starting point when looking for your favorite and perfect scent.


Consider Your Personality

Understanding your personality will help in finding your signature scent as these two are closely linked together. The goal in finding your signature scent is to pick a fragrance that immediately registers in someone else’s mind as your smell. You want people to register a specific perfume with you and the best way to do this is to look to your personality. Although there are several fragrance personality quizzes you can take online to determine your signature scent, the simplest way is to be honest with yourself. If you are a shy, reserved person chances are your scent is not going to be strong, overbearing or powerful. Be true to who you are and pick a scent that relates to your personality.


Skin Test

Skin Test When trying and sampling different scents in department stores, it’s best to test it on your own skin. Most perfumes come alive on your skin and react with your body’s natural chemistry so a scent that smells absolutely amazing in the bottle can smell awful on your skin and vice versa, which is why it’s so important to test before buying. Try different perfumes on your wrist and inner arm to sample the scent on various areas of your body.


Sleep with It on

Sleep with It on After trying a handful of different perfumes you may feel overwhelmed or caught up in the moment, which is why this next tip gives you a moment to stop and sleep on it – literally! Going to sleep with a fragrance on is a good way to determine how much you actually like the scent away from pushy salespeople and over scented department stores. When you wake up in the morning and you still like and want to wear it, it’s a good indication that the scent suits you and can become your signature fragrance.


Find Your Favorite Fragrance Formula

When it comes down to it, perfume is a science, and fragrances come in many forms... but the most popular formulas are parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Parfums are generally the most concentrated scents, with less alcohol content... and they are usually the more expensive, high-end perfumes on the market. An eau de parfum is still a concentrated scent, with more alcohol content, while an eau de toilette contains the most amount of alcohol. Eau de parum and eau de toilette are usually everyday fragrances that can be spritzed all over the body without an overpowering smell. Finding your favorite fragrance formula will help to create a simple process of elimination when determining your signature scent.


Know Your Notes

Fragrances can cover seven different categories, Cyprus, floral, wooded, leather, musk, oriental or hesperidia. Knowing each of these categories and notes will help you decide which scents you like the most and use most commonly in lotions, powders and soaps. The Cyprus category, named after the island, has woody-mossy mixes with hints of citrus and patchouli. Floral notes are the most popular of perfumes with rose scents and other flower fragrances. Wooded scents are earthy fragrances that contain traces of nutty and spicy smells with some hints of cinnamon or tobacco. Leather scents have a dry, smoky fragrance usually mixed with lighter topnotes to create balance and fragrance symmetry. Musks are strong, sexy scents and are commonly associated with sharp male scents. Oriental notes are rich and warm with vanilla blended with sweet spices and exotic flowers. Hesperidia is the category that falls into crisp, fresh citrus scents.


Stick to Three Scents

Stick to Three Scents When you’ve finally picked out the scents you want to sample and test, remember to stick to no more than three scents per trial. Testing a variety of fragrances leaves your sense of smell confused and after awhile everything begins blending together and smelling the same. Sniffing coffee beans between samples will help to clear your nose, but testing any more than three fragrances at a time can be overwhelming, so sticking to this general rule of thumb will not only help you find your signature scent, but it’ll also help you avoid any over scented headaches.

The perfect perfume has the ability to capture the essence of the person wearing it, so before heading out and shopping your fragrances remember these tips for finding your signature scent and you’ll be well on your way to creating a memorable scent that defines you! What’s your signature scent and what are some of your shopping tips for picking out perfume?

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Love it! Kinda like how some elder classy woman wear this certain type and how some kids like the flower perfume! I gotta re-find mine! Thank you:) and I'm a reader if your blogs! Thanks again

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